Bubble Babez Bubble Club Box February Edition

Today I got my last Bubble Babez Bubble Club Box. I have decided not to continue with my subscription fpr various reasons.

The box comes wrapped up in brown paper and inside that is just a regular standard USPS shipping box. Its sealed very well and there was no tampering with the package at all.

Upon unboxing it you are created with confetti tissue paper and a cute little foam sticker. Please note that this is an unboxing video and reviews of the products will be done next month. This is something I purchased with my own money. I was in no way compensated for this.

This is the February Bubble Box as you can see and the theme is After The Love is Gone. The top card is the product card and the other card is just their business card.

All the goodies were enclosed in this cute little plastic heart baggie. Which was perfect for the month of love.

The goodies I got were:

  • Basil Sage Whipped Shea Sugar Scrub. I really liked the smell of this and the basil and sage work well together.
  • Lemon Pound Cake All Natural Whipped Shea Butter. I think this was a bonus item because it wasn’t listed on my card. This smelled exactly like a lemon pound cake. Delicious!
  • Lotus Flowerbomb Bath Truffle. I didn’t open the plastic wrapping to smell it but it looks too cute and all you do is drop it into your bath and it will dispense cocoa butter.
  • Lotus Flowerbomb All Natural Whipped Body Mousse. This had a nice smell and I will probably use it after soaking in the bath truffle.
  • Cinnabuns Soy Wax Melt.  You use this with a oil/wax burner. This smelled so good and just like cinnabuns. I have started to burn this and all I have to say is that I am craving cinnabuns now.
  • The last two items are His & Hers Lotion Bars. His scent is Hugo Boss and hers is Chocolate. I am not a fan of the His bar but the hers smells just like chocolate so good. I have never used a lotion bar before so all you do is put the bar in your hands and rub it.

I really liked the box this time as well as my last one. Perhaps one day in the future I will decide to resubscribe but for now I am not.

Does any of the above items peek your interest? What would you use first?

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