MEME/ Sunday’s In Bed With…#36

The awesome blogger behind this is Kate from Midnight Book Girl   not only is she an awesome blogger but she is was one of my roommates for BEA. YAY!!

Midnight Book Girl

Sundays In Bed With….is a meme I’ve started to share the book we’re spending the morning in bed with, or the one we’d like to stay curled up in bed with all Sunday if only our busy lives would allow! For fun, take a picture of the book in your bed, or simply write up a post or comment below sharing your Sundays in Bed With book. Quoted from Kate’s blog.

OMG is it really that time of the week again? It just feels like yesterday I was writing my the previous weeks post.

Well thankfully this week was a little quieter with not much excitement. Thankfully my father in law is okay and he will be going for follow up appointments this month and next. The only thing that really happened this week was Michael was home most of the week because he had a sore throat and slight fever. He rebounded really quickly.

I also got a slight change in looks this week

Other then that nothing much happening. It was another busy weekend with a CBC Hockey nation training  morning and then a hockey game and Sunday brings us a hockey game again and then a curling game. I am happy that Michael enjoys the sports and its nice to see him playing and enjoying himself.

So not much time for reading but if I could I would be in bed with:

I started reading this on Wednesday and I am really enjoying this one as much as I enjoyed Legend. I am about half way through the book.

What are you doing this Sunday?

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