A Sweet Surprise Delivery

I think one of the best things you can ever get is an unexpected delivery. That is exactly what happened yesterday afternoon, the door bell rang and I had no clue to who it was and when I opened the door I was handed this:

Its a gift bag from Eos. Oh what can it be? I totally had no idea this was coming so I was beyond thrilled to get this.  Thanks so much Caroline for sending this to me. I am so excited.

Inside the bag was a eos lip balm in the flavor Pomegranate Raspberry which is a new product that is going to be available in stores in March. I am so excited to have a sneak peek of this and check back in March when I will post my review of it.

Another new item I believe, is the duo pack of eos. (I think they are new since I couldn’t find anything on the site about them) They look like cute Easter Eggs in the box. They come in the flavor Strawberry Sorbet (pink) and Passion Fruit (light purple). They both smell so delicious.

Finally the last item in the bag is the Tropical Tree Growing Kit in pomegranate. Its an all natural growing kit that will produce flowers and edible fruit. Its by Eco-Culture Seracon and their link is www.seracon.ca

Once again I would like to thank Caroline for sending me this awesome package, I was totally surprised and happy when I got this.

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