The Natural Beauty Box December/January Edition

I finally got the December The Natural Beauty Box. It was a late for numerous reasons so there will be no January box this month.

I think the bag is really cute. Don’t you?

Upon opening the bag there was tissue paper hiding the products inside but once I took out the tissue paper I have to say that the box smelled really good.

Also inside each box is this plain white envelope behind this cute sticker holds our invoice

and a product description sheet that contains product info, coupons if you choose to purchase items and the value of the sample and full sized. I actually really like this feature although I am a little confused to why it would be in US prices and not Canadian since its a Canadian company?
Anyways onto what I got shall we.

~Wine Delights Pina Colada All Natural Shower Gel. I found it to smell like a Pina Colada. The only thing I don’t like right away is that its very liquidity and when I think of a shower gel, I think of a gel. I will still try this out though.

The full size is $29.95 for 8oz and the sample is $7.00 for 1.7oz

~Kitty Kosmetics Natural Body Scrub. I think the one I got was in the scent Kandy Kane. Looking at it, it looks like a great mixture. I will be trying this out very soon.

The full size is $32.00 for 8oz and the sample is $5.00 for 1oz

~ I Love Coffee Butter Massage Bar. I really like the scent and not quite sure what it is. You are suppose to use this after a shower/bath. I have never used anything like this and looking forward to trying it out.

The full size is $25.00 for 4oz and the sample is $6.25 for 1oz

~Temptations bath N’ Body Wicked Little Gingerbread Soap. This is so cute and smells so good. Smells like fresh baked gingerbread which I love. I can’t wait to try this out tomorrow in the shower.

The Full size is $8.95 for 5oz and the sample is $2.95 for 0.5oz

For the inconvenience of being late they included a bonus item of this Delizioso Skincare Black Diamond Mascara. This is an all natural mascara and when I opened it, it didn’t smell like your typical mascara and it actually smelled better then an all natural one I bought last year.
Not sure if I will use this yet as I tend to be very careful what I put near my eyes but I will be looking into this one.

This is a full size item and sells for $19.00 for 5ml.

~Delizioso Skincare Cucumber Cooling Facial Moisturizer actually had a nice smell to it and when I put in on the back of my hand I found that it went on cool like it was in the fridge. It blended in really nicely.
The full size is $22.00 for 1oz and the sample is $11.00 for 0.5oz
~Original Purity Raw Seeds Facial Gelee. This is suppose to revive the tone of your skin. This also smelled fruity and I think it was due to the cherry kernel oil and the vanilla. I am actually curious about this and will probably try it out.

The full size is $18.00 for 2oz and the sample is $3.00 for 0.25oz

~Another item from the Delizioso Skincare line is Watermelon & CoQ10 Micro Sphere polish. Its a facial scrub. Not sure of the smell and I was surprised after putting it on the back of my hand and rinsing my hand felt super soft.

The full size is 44.00 for 1oz and the sample is $21.00 for 0.5oz

~Dr Emerald Golden Berries Super Anti-Aging Stick. (its the gold lip balm tube) This had a fruity smell and you are suppose to put it under your eyes and around any problem area. When I put it on my hand it felt kind of oily. It took a while for it to blend into my skin.
This is a full size item and sells for $39.95 for 0.25oz
~Temptations Bath N’ Body also included another item and its the Smell Me Soy Lotion Candle. I got the scent Cranberry Twister. Apparently was some of the candle is melted you can use it as a moisturizer. Not sure that is something I would do, would you?

The full size is $19.95 for 9oz and the sample is $3.95 for 1oz

~Finally the last item in the box is I Love Coffee Super Nourishing Hand Cream. When I used it it blended very well into my skin. Not greasy or oily. Not sure this would be something I would use often because it smelled like coffee but it did leave my hands feeling very soft.
The full size is $25.00 for 4oz and the sample is $4.00 for 0.5oz

So that is the December/January box. We got sent 11 items and they said its worth $123.10

Is there anything that interests you? I know I am excited to try the bath items the most.

I know there is alot of flack going on about the company and I won’t get into that on my blog because any negativity will reflect badly on me. So I ask that you refrain from leaving any negative comments as those won’t be published I am sorry. I worked hard on this blog and would like it to remain friendly.

I just wish they would have stepped up and offered a little more compensation to the subscribers instead of just a tube of mascara.

I still have one more box to come and that will be February’s.

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2 thoughts on “The Natural Beauty Box December/January Edition

  1. Kate Midnight Book Girl says:

    That Coffee Butter Massage Bar sounds divine!

    I know this isn’t a Glossy Box review but- I finally signed up for one this month!! Not sure if I’m getting it this month or next, but I guess they don’t ship out until the 3rd week of each month so I’ll either get at the end of this month or end of next month- I’ll be sure to write a post so that we can compare products!!

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