Review| Sweetest Taboo

Title: Sweetest Taboo
Author: Eva Marquez
Pub Date: October 2012
Pages: 296
Publisher: Createspace

Source: A received a signed copy of the book from the author for my participation in her virtual book tour. Thanks so much Eva for sending that to me. I enjoyed all the little goodies you sent. Photobucket
When I first heard about the book from Pump Up Your Book I was interested and wanted to read it. I love the cover because looking at it you wonder what it could be about and I think the cover is very fitting for what the book is about. Don’t you hate covers that don’t match the story?

Isabel is 15 years old. She is on the swim team. This is her story (fictional) about her and her affair with her swim coach, Tom Stevens. The story is told in Isabel’s view which is nice because its coming from her view point and not that of her coach.

I have to start off first by saying I wasn’t sure how this book was going to turn out for me because this is a very hot topic in today’s society and we all know its not right for this be happening. I’m sorry but this is my opinion. I really don’t see what people (ie 15 year olds) see in much older people. There is really nothing they can have in common.

With that being said, I was totally surprised. This sucked me in right from the first word and I couldn’t put the book down. I was literally reading it non stop with a few breaks here and there to get something or to do something. I can’t wait for book 2, Tainted Love to come out. Hopefully it will be out soon. I am dying with anticipation.

Back to the review…….

Isabel is a popular girl in school and she could have any guy she wanted but its not until her first day of  swimming that she spots the coach, Tom. That’s when her secret crush begins. Honestly how many of us didn’t have a crush on one of our teachers etc? I am guilty of that and that’s all it was, was a crush. Nothing developed from it.

Isabel begins to daydream and wonders what it would be like to have Tom ( is 30ish, married and has kids) notice her. When finally it happens and its actually quite innocent, he hands her her favorite towel after practice. Isabel is thrilled and surprised.

This is where you know that Tom has been watching her because he knows where she puts her bag and what her favorite towel is. It might come off as innocent to Isabel but was it on Tom’s part?

The affair just doesn’t happen right away its a slow build. I was impressed with Isabel because even though she was crushing on Tom, she just didn’t jump in head first she gave it some serious thought.

I think for me the reason I couldn’t put the book down was because you know at some point they are going to get caught. No matter how secretive you keep things some way some how you make a little mistake. Does this happen in the book? Well you will just have to pick it up to find out.

Thanks again to Pump Up Your Book for allowing me to be on this tour and for introducing me to this book and author. I can’t wait for book two to come out.

Thanks again Eva for sending me the book and I am dying for book two.

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