Lip Factory Inc- November Edition

I have stumbled upon another beauty box subscription service. This one is called Lip Factory Inc and I should let you know before I begin this review that I actually purchased this subscription service and I’m not being compensated in anyway for this review. I just thought I would share what I got from them.
Before I begin let me tell you a little bit about Lip Factory Inc.
  • Based out of the US but they do ship to Canada and International.
  • Its $22 a month (recurring charges) shipping is included in that for US and Canada. There is an additional fee outside that area.
  • You can expect to receive up to 10 sample sizes from some of your favorite make up brands.
  • You could receive a full face make up kit and you will always get lip products such as lip glosses, lip sticks, lip liners, etc because its all about the lips.
  • The website is easy to navigate and what I love so far is that there is always a video or photos online called tutorials so you know how to use your month’s box.


So lets get on with the November box shall we.

I should let you know that coming into Canada it could take a little longer due to customs. Although I thought this month they were really fast in getting the boxes out despite Hurricane Sandy.

One of the things I loved this month was that Lip Factory Inc, donated 25% of our subscription fee this month  to the Susan G. Komen for the cure foundation. In honor of breast cancer awareness. I don’t think any of the other beauty boxes I get did that.

As you can see the packaging is very pretty and classic in my opinion. It comes in a plain brown box but inside you are greeted with this:

How pretty does that look?
I love the whole packaging of this subscription service.

This month its all about the lips so you know there will be all kinds of lip goodies in this months box which I am excited for.

First up is this Stila Lip Rouge Liquid Lip Satin. I think this must be a new upcoming product because I couldn’t find anything online about it.
Not sure of the color but its a nice color. I believe this would be a full size product.
 Diamond Cosmetics which is a new to me brand provided what I believe is a full size product  of this soft as silk lip liner in Rust.
Its a nice shade and it was soft to apply.
L’Oreal Paris has a new product out called Jelly Balm. I am a little worried since it says high intensity pigment.
Its in the shade Delectable and this I believe is a full size product.
I was honestly shocked because this looks like a really dark shade but when I put it on it went on clear.
Another new brand is Nabi Cosmetics.
We got a Aloe lip gloss in clear. Its got a taste to it which I would think would be aloe. Its actually a nice lip gloss. This is a full size product I believe.
Another new to be brand is Laura Geller’s lip strip. This is a sample product. Its a cooling sugar scrub for your lips. I guess its to clean your lips to make them soft and smooth.
Revlon is not a new to me brand but this particular product is brand new. Its the Color Burst lip butters.
I got a sample in the shade Peach Parfait. I really liked this. Thankfully I might be going to the US this weekend so this is something I want to look for because I see a few shades I would like to check out and  Target was on the list of places I wanted to check out.
Next up is Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy mini lip gloss in Passion. I have never tried any make up products from Victoria Secrets but I have always wanted to.
This is just a sample size and its very nice. Its a very nice color that you can wear alone or with lip stick.
The following are all bonus items in this months box. They are little surprises.
Another item I have been wanting to try is Gap products. I never think to go in and check to see what they have when I am at the mall.
Not sure what shade this sample is in but its a good size sample.
An item we all know and probably enjoy is the Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in the shade Champagne. Its a pale pink and it smells so good. I believe this is a full size product.
This I have been eyeing on the Sephora website. Its tokidoki lip gloss and its in the shade ciao ciao. I think this could be a full size product but not sure.
 So this is the November Lip Factory Inc subscription, what did you think?

I really liked the subscription this month. So many great lip products to check out and sample. I honestly like everything this month and I know it will all get used. I can’t believe how many full size items that we got as well.


What do you think of this beauty subscription service? Is this something that interests you? If you subscribe did we get the same things?

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