October’s Make Up Haul

I was going to save this until the end of the month but Lucy from Moonlight Gleam’s asked me if I would post this earlier. So I am.

She graciously helped me out with this with her fantastic recommendations. Lucy is turning into my go to friend for make up advice and recommendations.

Just a heads up but this haul is quite massive but that is only because the other night I found out that I had accumulated enough Pharmaprix Optimum points that I could redeem them.

When I was on the Pharmaprix website I saw this promo for the  Fall Beauty Bonus. When you spend $125 or more on cosmetics, skin care or fragrances you will get a silver cosmetic case filled with 13 luxury beauty and fragrance samples for free. The kit is valued at $137.

The offer is valid from October 13th to October 26th, 2012 and its while qualities last.

I had enough points that I could take advantage of this so I figured why not since its basically completely free since I was able to redeem my points. Although a few items I had to put back because they didn’t fall into that category to qualify me for the freebie so I here is what I picked up:

The first item Lucy recommended was a foundation cause my old one had expired and I have been looking for something to replace it with and nothing has come close so I figured I would give her recommendation a try.

I needed a new concealer and decided that with all the skin issues I have been having recently (see my previous post) I figured I would stick within the same line so I picked up this Bourjois Healthy Mix in number 61 Beige Clair.

 I found out that if you wear a liquid foundation that you should set your make up. I didn’t get Lucy recommendation (perhaps next time) but I stayed within the Bourjois Healthy Balance line and got the Unifying Powder (10 hour) in the shade of 52 Vanilla
I really like the smell of this line and it doesn’t smell like normal make up which is really nice in my opinion.
This is the foundation Lucy recommended and its the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. Its in the shade of 51 Light Vanilla. This was the perfect blend for my skin tone.
The top is the powder and it doesn’t look that like this person. The swatches are the foundation and the concealer. (In that order). I have to admit that I was always very unsure of liquid foundation in the past and always went for the powdered stuff but honestly why haven’t I used it before? I really liked the coverage and the blending of it. I love the smell of this line and I think eventually I would like to try more products in this line.
I decided to try two nail polishes from this brand and picked up: Cerise Noir (#21) and Beige Glamour (#27)
Here is the swatches of the polishes. The Cerise Noir is one coat and Beige Glamour is with one coat and two coats. (in that order) which are very nice shades.  The Cerise Noir is darker in person.
Rounding up that purchase I decided since this was basically free that I should splurge and buy some good eye shadow so I decided on the Benefit’s kit. This is the peek-a-bright eyes kit. I have tried previous Benefit products from my various sample boxes and loved the brand so I fugured why not.

So in order there is an eye bright (pink), shadow base (beige), contour shadow (dark brown), highlight shadow (dusty rose like) and included was two brushes a concealer and contour & liner. I love the packaging of this very girly and its a magnetic closing so no fumbling trying to open it in a rush or in the early morning.
I wish that other items could have been included in this promo but thankfully they had a sale on the following items so I took advantage of them.
I was told that a good mascara to wear during the day to make your lashes more natural and not in your face that you should wear a brown so I don’t have a brown but tons of black so I picked this up its the Covergirl Natural Luxe mousse mascara. I have to say that they were right. It was perfect for the daytime and it made my lashes pop without it being in your face.
This was another item Lucy highly recommended and its the Rimmel lipstick. Its in the shade of Airy Fairy #070. I have to say that I normally don’t wear lipstick (mainly because I have a hard time picking out good ones and the right shade) but with this one Lucy was right on target and I love it. It gives you some color but not alot.
This is the swatch of it. Its very nice and I like the texture and smell of it (not sure how to describe the smell of it but its really nice). This is now my go to day item.

So I was able to use up my points to qualify for the Fall Beauty Bonus.

I was really impressed with the size of this make up bag. Its huge as you can see. I probably won’t use this to travel with but I think it will be great to put it in a dresser to hold items not used all the time.
This pouch is removable so this probably can be used to travel with.
This screen holds the bottom contents in place without worrying of them falling out or going all over the place.
I loved how the products were placed in this Ziploc baggie and not loose all over the place. The booklet was great in talking about all the products and its Pharmaprix’s (shoppers drug marts) favorite items.
I decided to group them into categories and this is the skin care line.
~Lab Series is a multi-action face wash for guys.
~Korres Pomegranate deluxe mattifing Treatment
~Strivectin Power Serum Total Powerhouse (anti aging treatment)
~Clarins Hydraquench cream gel
~Elizabeth Arden Prevage Face Advanced anti-aging Serum
~Biotherm Lait Corporel Body Milk
~Lise Watier age control supreme the eye care
This is the scents.
~Elizabeth Arden Red Door Aura. I loved the smell of this and I know I will be wearing this alot. It says that this a new expression of the iconic signature of Red Door. It maintains the vibrancy of New York with a sensual and sophisticated melange of rich florals.
~Coach Poppy eau de Parfume. This is another scent I really like. Its a fruity floral, cucumber flower petals, mandarin and bright baby freesia buds, while leaving behind a lasting, sensual blend of cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla creme and whipped marshmallow blend. I tried this one and at first I didn’t really like it but once it wore on I grew to really like it. Another item I will be wearing alot of this fall.
~Taylor Swift Wonderstruck body lotion. Another nice scent and it left my skin silky smooth. I think I would wear this in place of days I didn’t want to use perfume.
Now the make up. Yea…
~Lancome La Base Pro. This is a make up primer.
~ Smashbox photo finish foundation primer. I love that you can wear this alone or under foundation. This smelled really good and I loved the coverage and how it looked. I wore this without make up one day and perhaps I will try it with foundation.
~Last but not least is Benefits They’re Real Mascara. Not sure of the shade but I think its black.

If you remember I recently got this in one of my beauty boxes and loved it. So I am happy I got another one as a back up. I know right now they have a promo for this with a get a full size and a travel size for under $30 but I didn’t get this because I have alot of mascaras waiting to be used.

So this is my make up haul. If you want anything reviewed please leave me a comment below and I will do one.

Do you redeem your Optimum points for these kinds of deals?

**I also was going to include my previous posts haul in this but thought it would be too confusing so I left it out.**
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