Mini Make Up Brush Haul #1

When your in the blogging community you quickly realize how many different kinds of bloggers there are out there. There is book bloggers, beauty bloggers, review bloggers,etc the list goes on and on.

Over the summer I started checking out the blogs that the blogs I followed followed (wow did that make sense?) and I was introduced to so many great blogs that aren’t book related.

As you can tell over the past year (roughly) I have been branching out and dipping my toes into other stuff. Yes I still love talking and blogging about books, although its been scarse lately (hopefully things will get back on track shortly with that) but I also want to try other things and share things with you guys because not all my followers are book reviewers now.

So, today I am going to start probably a monthly make up haul although it probably won’t be monthly since I don’t usually buy make up or beauty products unless I absolutely need them.

Today I have a little mini haul of some make up accessories that I recently bought. My absolutely fantastic friend Lucy from Moonlight Gleam’s sent me a text one day telling me that the Dollarama had some new ELF products in their stores.

I decided one day to walk over to the Dollarama to see if they had anything new. Just remember that not all Dollarama’s carry the same stock as I can attest to this because when I moved to Montreal 16 years ago, I briefly worked at one and we always got calls from other managers asking us if we got a certain product since they didn’t get it and a customer was looking for it.

Thankfully the Dollarama near me had some amazing ELF items as you can see below.

I picked up the following:

-Eye Lash Curler. This is the very first time I have ever used one. I think its because the look of them scares me. This was actually $1.50

-Foundation Brush (yellow). I have just started to use a liquid foundation inside of the powdered one and need to get a brush. I believe this was also $1.50

-Total Face Brush (the one right under the eye lash curler). I have discovered that after you put on your make up that you should set it with a powder so I picked this one up too. I also believe this was $1.50

-Eyeshadow Brush. This is if you were multiple shades and you want to blend them while softening the edges and lines. This was also $1.50 I believe.

-Smudge Eye Sponge. This is the perfect brush if you are creating the smokey eye look. This was also $1.50

Then I was watching a The Rachel Ray show and they were talking about make up creams (samples even) that come in tubes and no matter how much you try to get all the product out you can never well low and behold she suggested these Paint Saver twistables. So I went to my local Omer De Serres store and grabbed a handful. They were only 0.39$ each.

So this is my first mini haul that I got for October so far. Do shop at the Dollarama for make up related products? What did you think about that Paint Saver trick?
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