(Meme) Top Ten Tuesday -Rewind!

As you can probably see I don’t take part in every Top Ten Tuesday but when I see I topic I like I love to take part. This is an original meme that is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish blog. Be sure to head over there to see their blog.

This week’s topic is:

Top Ten Tuesday REWIND (pick a past topic that we’ve done that you missed or just want round 2 of!)

When I checked out the list of previous Top Ten Tuesday topics I was overwhelmed and realized I missed out on some great topics. How is that possible?

So for today, I figured since I am on a book buying ban that perhaps I should highlight my Top Ten list of books I had to buy that are currently sitting on my shelf to read waiting to be read.

As a book blogger you encounter numerous blogs that review so many fantastic books and you are saying I need to read that for one reason or another so here is my list:

From the bottom going up:

  • The Night Circus- I bought this because of the cover (both inside and out) and because this was raved about last year and at the Random House event I went to.
  • Everneath- This is another one I bought because of the cover
  • The Selection- I have to admit that I bought because of the cover.
  • Graceling- Cindy B from Tynga’s Reviews said this was really good and that I should read it.
  • The Girl in the Steel Corset- I read so many great reviews and had to buy it
  • The Pledge- Another buy because of the cover and I have the authors other books sitting on my shelf to be read
  • Wildefire -At the time I loved the synopsis and wanted to read it but just never got to it yet
  • Daughter of Smoke & Bone- I have always wanted to read Laini’s books and this cover was so pretty
  • Born Wicked- i got this because of the reviews and the synopsis
  • The Marbury Lens was another one I admit to buying because of the cover.

Do we share similar lists? What book should I make the effort to read right away?

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4 thoughts on “(Meme) Top Ten Tuesday -Rewind!

  1. Sarah Williams says:

    Graceling and Daughter of Smoke and Bone were FABulous! I checked out Graceling from the library because of the cover, and just loved it. Night Circus didn’t match the hype for me.

    Only one definitely on my list is Born Wicked, but I’ve not bought it yet. You might want to move The Selection up your list, if you want to compare it with the tv series The CW has in production.

  2. Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books says:

    Ok first of all I can tell you right now what Kate is going to say “OMG YOU HAVEN’T READ THE NIGHT CIRCUS! WHY THE HELL NOT!” or something really close to that.

    Second, I enjoyed both The Selection and Everneath. The Selection was a pretty fast read too.

    Third, I think we both have the same problem of buying books with pretty covers 🙂

  3. Kate Midnight Book Girl says:

    The Night Circus is one of my favorite books of ALL TIME! Graceling is good (although I loved Fire even more) and Daughter of Smoke and Bone, which had not really appealed to me prior to listening to the audio- literally blew me away! I also had a lot of fun with The Selection!

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