Bath & Body Works Fall Edition Haul

This past rainy weekend, I decided to go and check out Bath & Body Works to see what yummy Fall scents they came out with and perhaps grab a few items to spruce up the house with some Fall scents. I did a big haul in the summer and realized that all I had were summer scents and wanted something to ease into fall with.
One of the things I wanted to check out were the hand soaps and I spotted some that looked good and smelled divine. I only grabbed these three because they were 3 for $15 which is really good considering they sell for $5.50 each.

I didn’t want to grab to many because I wasn’t sure how they would smell on my hands but after using the Warm Apple Cider foaming hand soap, I am hooked and planning on going back to buy some more because the smell is delicious and its long lasting. I love apple cider.

The other two moisturizing soaps were Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Creamy Pumpkin. I am sure these will be just delicious as well.

Near the soap display was the promotion of 2 (14.5oz) candles for $22 and this was a deal because the candles sell for $22.50 each here in Canada.
I knew right away that this was one candle I was going to buy because I love the smell of fresh picked apples and apples in general. When I lit the candle I have to say it smelled so good and left me craving an apple. It was a nice clean burn with a nice scent nothing over bearing. I plan on eventually doing a review on this.
This next candle was a little harder to pick because they had so many awesome fall scents that I didn’t know which to buy but I eventually settled on Pumpkin Carmel Latte. I loved the scent before burning it, during burning it and after.
If I had the money I would have bought the whole fall collection in candles so I settled on gettng this, 2 for $5 smaller ones (1.3oz I believe) instead. Its the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Pumpkin Cupcakes but there was a few other scents that I am thinking of going back to grab before its too late for the sale.
This was a total impulse buy. I saw a lady walking around with this and thought it was too darn cute and my love for owls how could I pass this up. Its an owl candle holder and it holds the above small ones. I haven’t used it yet because I had wanted to take this pic first.
Another impulse buy was the above at 3 for $10. Its the Honey Autumn Apple spritzer and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin spritzer along with the body lotion to go with it. I am trying to find out if they have the apple lotion in store.

I love shopping at Bath & Body Works  and will probably go back again this week to grab a few other things.

I am going to do a review eventually on all of the above products.

What fall scents do you love?

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