2012 Book Buying Ban

Today I start one of the hardest things ever, I am putting myself on a book buying ban starting today, September 1st/2012 until at least just before BEA in May 2013.

I have come to realize (as I look around me and see boxes upon boxes upon boxes of books in my basement and books stacked around the desk, book case, cedar chest etc) that I really have way to many books (review and bought/given) and I think I am pretty close to appearing on one of those hoarder shows.

Plus I am trying to save some money so that I can go to NYC/BEA in 2013 which could possibly be my last time going. So its important to start now as we go into the fall.

The exceptions to this book buying ban will be:

-anything bought for Michael from scholastic. Its not fair to put him through this
-If I recieve gift cards for my birthday & Christmas and I use them to buy books.

I know this will be hard and I am sure I will be tempted daily from your blog posts LOL anything that I see that I think I would like or want is going to go on a wishlist and I will check my library to see if they have any available to borrow.

Wish me luck guys cause I honestly will need it.

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