25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Since its my 4th blogoversary I thought that I would do this fun thing so that you guys can get to know me a little bit more. This is actually inspired from a weekly feature in US Weekly.

  1. So not only do I have a booking problem, I also have a magzine buying problem as you can see from the above picture that I swapped from bookshipper.blogspot.com (I passed them on to her). I love buying those trashy tabloid magazines.  As you can see from the People, In Touch, US weekly and Life & Style stash. As for Women’s World I love reading them.
  2. I read every night for about an hour or so before going to bed. I find its a great way to relax before sleeping and unwind from a busy day.
  3. I constantly check my cell phone to see if I missed a call or a text.
  4. I love buying shower gels even though I have way to many already. If I love the scent I want to buy it just in case they don’t carry it anymore.
  5. I have an obession with owls. Its more the drawing kind then the physical owl.
  6. I love Tim Horton’s Ice Caps and I usually have one every day. (more so in the summer)
  7. I spend way to much time on Youtube checking out videos.
  8. When I use a pen, I can only use that one until it runs out. I hate using different pens.
  9. This one you might already know but I suck at writting reviews. As I sit here and look around I see a bunch of books I need to review soon.
  10. Apart from M&M’s the only chocolate I can eat is Lindt.
  11. I love taking pictures and I think next month I will do a weekly post with what I took that week. 
  12. I love traveling and wish I could do it more. I have been to Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia (Halifax), New Brunswick (Moncton, Sackville, Edmunston, Miramachi and Bathurst), Quebec (Quebec City and Montreal), Mississauga, Toronto and Milton (Ontario), Lake George, Vermont, Chicago, Detroit and New York City.
  13. Whenever I visit some place I have to get a souvenir from that place ie magnets, cups, tshirts etc
  14. These are tshirts I picked up in Lake George for Michael and a Lake George hoodie and tshirt for me.
  15. I love shopping in the US.
  16. Love clothes shopping in the US cause its cheaper there then it is here. This is our Lake George haul.
  17. I love trying new kinds of food and this ties into why I love shopping in the US.
  18. This is what I picked up this time when I went to the US. Its foods we can’t get here in Canada. Michael loves those pasta salads for lunch.
    Goldfish crackers isn’t thing we stock up on since we don’t get all those flavors here. The pretzels are my favorites with the cupcake and smores the next.
    I don’t understand why we can’t get some of these in Canada since we carry their brands. I only wish I would have picked up more of those Quarker cookies cause they were delicious. That Apple Cider is calling my name, this is the perfect fall drink.
    Some canned stuff for Michael’s lunch which we don’t carry here.
  19. I love music and I always have it on. In the house, in the car where ever
  20. I love sending cards or buying little things for friends as a just because.
  21. I always have a ton of notes lying around with things to buy, things to do, plans etc
  22. I hate having my picture taken.
  23. My all time favorite classic books are Wuthering Heights and To Kill a Mockingbird.
  24. There is only a few movies I can watch over and over again and they are Grease (first one), Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Top Gun and The Breakfast Club. I am sure there is others that I can’t think of right now.
  25. I am not a summer person expecially when its hot and humid.
  26. I am not a winter person. I hate when its freezing cold. Funny since I live in Canada right?
  27. I love going for drives. Especially when its the spring and fall.
  28. Last but not least, unless you know me on facebook and have access to my personal page, I got a new (semi) look. I just got new glasses.


So there it is, some things you might not have known about me. Anything else you would like to know? If so please leave it in the comments and I will be sure to answer it.

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