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Apart from wanting to go to NYC (again in May 2013) there usually isn’t to much that I want because I am pretty content with what I have, but there has been one thing that has been right up there with wanting to go to NYC and its been to get a VERA BRADLEY purse.

I have been wanting one for roughly over two years now. Although I am sure I could have had one sooner had I really checked out the locations of a Vera Bradley store before hand, it was only after I went searching while I was in Lake George for a retail store (close to there) did I spot three where my sister in law lives.

Sadly the closest retail store for me here in Canada is Toronto, which surprises me since Montreal tends to get alot of those little boutiques. Toronto isn’t very close to me and we just never had a reason to go to Toronto.

Thankfully there was a retail store in Queensbury that was selling them so before I left Lake George, I was able to get one. Sadly there wasn’t much of a selection of bags on hand since it was just a small store and the one I had wanted wasn’t available but was told I could order online.

When asked why I had wanted it, I mentioned that it was on sale on the site and then he showed me the above bag. Its being discontinued so the price was cheaper so I took some time looking at the bag and the more I looked at it the more I was liking it. Its a perfect summer bag.

The purse is actually called On The Go in Rosy Posies .

A versatile twist on the “everyday bag,” this timeless hobo style is accessorized with trim in front and a tortoise buckle on the adjustable strap. Side slip pockets (with decorative flap accents) and a large zippered one in back. Three more slip pockets, plus a sturdy removable base.

When I got home I started to have a little buyers remorse but once I started to use the purse I grew to really like it. I love that its not to big and bulky and it holds quite a bit of stuff without it feeling heavy and weighed down.

I did check and it could fit me as a cross the body bag but it just doesn’t feel that comfy. The strap is adjustable to give you varies purse styles. I have mine right now with the shortest straps. I love the tortoise buckle on the strap because it blends in very well with the purse.

The two side pockets are small but its the perfect place to carry hand sanitizer and if you are shopping to shove your car keys in. Which I have done several times.

Another selling point is inside the bag, there is three pockets on one side of the purse to hold a cell phone, gum and other things you might need and don’t want to dig for.

I love the zippered pocket in the back of the purse because its a great place to hold some cash or change.

I have to admit that I tend to carry alot of things in my purses and it was nice to see that I could carry my phone, keys, camera, a small make up bag and it not be weighed down.

The best thing about the Vera Bradley bags are they are all machine washable. How neat is that?

I just wish I would have gotten in sooner because fall is coming and it makes me want to get another one but in a darker fall/winter shade.

Perhaps Santa will bring one for me.

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