Topbox June Edition

Last Monday my June Topbox was delivered but sadly since I wasn’t home the mailman didn’t leave the tube so I had to wait until Wednesday to pick it up.

Topbox is always one of the first beauty boxes I get each month and I love that it comes in the beginning of the month.

As you can see I stuck with the original tube instead of the recycled one. I think that this looks much prettier sitting on a shelf/bookcase/top of a dresser etc.

I try to avoid watching any of the youtube vlogs because I don’t like to ruin the surprise and I have even stopped looking at their facebook page until I have gotten mine. I was excited and curious about this months box because it was a little heavy and that is always a good sign.

When I opened the tube I instantly say this card “Bonus In addition to your 4 deluxe samples, we think you’ll enjoy these new products found at your local drugstore.” I was curious about the CLEAR new product as I have never heard of them but I have heard of Simple and I love their skin care line.

So the bonus items were:
-Simple Eye Make Up Remover. The full size is 125ml and usually retails for $9.99 and I got 56ml for $4.48 I recently got this in another beauty box I think last month and brought it with me when I went to NYC and I really enjoyed it. I love that their whole line is for sensitive skin. The make up I had came off smoothly and easily. I will definitely buy this when I run out.

-Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy total care daily conditioner. The full size is 356ml for $7.49 and I got 50ml for $1.05 This is a brand new product and I did see it at Walmart when I was there last week. I like the smell.

 I love getting hair care products but the only thing that always bothers me is when these beauty boxes send out one and not the other. I like being able to try them both to see if I will like them before buying them especially when they are over a certain amount. For me if I am going to try a new shampoo I would like the conditioner to go with it. This way you get the full effect of the product.

The total value of the bonus items are $5.53

Inside my top box was:
-Get Creamed Body by Naked Decadence Salon Hair Wash. This is a new to me product.

Naked Decadence Premium Hair Care

Naturally-based Salon Hair Wash and Conditioner

Stop washing your hair with detergent! Stripped naked of the superfluous questionable chemicals, this premium salon hair care line is formulated using decadent natural organic and plant-based ingredients. Starting from a base of organic lavender and rosemary water, we added healthy botanicals including ginseng, nettle leaf, vitamin B5, and wheat proteins to gently clean, strengthen, and protect your hair naturally.

Additionally, instead of “fragrance” or “parfum” we scented this luxury product line with only Pure Essential Oils of Rosemary, Peppermint, and Lavender. These were carefully chosen to provide further scalp and hair benefits and a wonderful aromatherapy experience!

We believe you deserve a high quality hair care line that is also safe and healthy. You’ll likely see the difference in your hair after the first use, and continued usage will result in only healthier and more gorgeous hair!

Does not contain: SLS or any sulfates, parabens, phthlates, dyes, or perfumes.

The full size is 240ml for $22 and I got  60ml for $5.50  I love the concept of this because this is a natural and organic shampoo. I’m not sure about the smell but perhaps its different when you use it. Sadly I wish that they would have included the conditioner to go with this because I need conditioner and right now it would defeat the purpose if I use this natural, organic shampoo and then put chemicals in my hair, right?

-Stila Stay all day 10 in 1 HD beauty balm. Since getting these beauty boxes I have been introduced to same many name brands that I have been wanting to try but just could never afford it and Stila is no exception. This little tube was filled and as I opened it the product was coming out. It went on smoothly and blended very well leaving my skin feeling silky and smooth. The full size is 45ml for $38 and I got 5ml for $4.22

-Stila forever your curl Mascara. Another Stila product and I love mascara so being able to try a higher end mascara is always great. The full size is 0.35 fl. oz  for $29 and I got 0.12fl. oz  for $9.81  I haven’t opened it yet as I am still using another brand and want to use it up before opening this one.

-Pari Beauty Precious Glow. This is an eye shadow intensifier and primer. The full size is 10ml for $15 and I know this isn’t a full sized product based on the description as it says pump out the desired amount of precious glow. I compared this to the mascara and its the same size and it was 3.5ml so we will say its that for $5.25

The total value of the box this month is $24.78 + $5.53 (bonus)= $30.31 as you can see the box paid for itself. I am excited to try the Stila mascara and the Pari primer. Both items I use all the time.

I loved this months box apart from the hair care products. I think personally if you are going to send a shampoo you should send the conditioner as well. That is just my opinion. I am curious to what you think, please leave me your comments to let me know.

Check back later this week for my Glymm unboxing.

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