This Time Last Week (Day 2 of NYC trip)

  Monday, June 4th

This morning I was up bright and early and was anxiously awaiting Kellie’s (ReaWrite) arrival and then I was off to the Javitis to meet up with Tina (bookshipper) to pick up our badges and then enjoy some book shopping.

I snapped this one of the floor.

Every year BEA does this with the stairs and this year its Cassandra Claire.

I have to send out a huge thank you to the guy who was working in the Hudson newsstand for giving me this bag. I had an armful of things and he graciously offered me this to carry my things in.

This is my ticket for Wednesday’s Children’s Author Breakfast. I am super excited to go to this because Chris Colfer will be speaking along with John Green.

My badge and my hotel key. I have a special post coming up this week on my stay on the Hampton Inns.

After Tina and I got our badges we hoped on the shuttle back to Penn Station and took the subway to go to two of our favorite book stores, The Strand and Housing Works.

This photos is from 2010 and I would have taken one this time but it was pouring rain when we went.

This is also from 2010.

This is me at Housing Works.

After our shopping we decided to hit the Wendy’s for lunch and funny enough this was the same Wendy’s we ate at in 2010. I got the Berry Almond Salad with chicken. Which was delicious. My only complaint was the huge drink they give. I asked for a medium and got what is a large here in Canada. So mental note next time to ask for a small.

After lunch Tina and I took the subway back to Penn Station and went our own ways to get ready for two events we were going to that night. That post is to come after this one.

At The Strand I picked up: this super cute owl tote bag with matching mug and pencil. For Michael I grabbed him A Walk in New York (as my souvenir book for him), Squish vol 3 (this isn’t out in Canada yet) and some bookmarks (which I have missed placed now) along with a pencil for him.

At Housing Works I got Serpent’s Kiss by Melissa de la Cruz (book two), Twice Upon a Time Beauty and the Beast The only one who didn’t run away by Wendy Mass and an Accidental Adventure book 3 we give a squid a wedgie.

I love visiting both of these bookstores and I am always happy when I get to go and shop there.

Check back a little later for my post on the two events I went to that night.

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