What would you recommend that I see and do in NYC?

We are currently planning for my trip to New York City and BEA and that means some one needs to be home to get Michael off the bus while I am away especially on the Monday since its a ped day. So hence the counter today.

Personally for me I find that it seems so long away, but I know its not. I remember the first time I went to BEA in 2010 it seemed to have flown by and I guess I never really got to savour the moment of it like I am now.

Anways, the reason for my post today is to ask what should I see and do while I am in NYC?

I am hoping to make it more about sight seeing then BEA. I will be attending BEA and I have a ticket for the Children’s Author Breakfast (which I am excited about since Chris Colfer will be the MC). Not sure how many days or the times I will be at BEA. I am also hoping to attend TAC (Teen Author Carnival).

What are you doing?

Okay so I am currently planning what I want to see and do and I am asking for your suggestions. Please let me know in the comments below what I should see and I and why I should.

Thanks everyone.

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