Guess who is celebrating today?

Today, Michael turns 9 years old. Its so hard to believe how fast the time goes. Not sure what he wants to do today as he mentioned mini golfing (but its raining) or bowling so we will see.

This is the first of three cakes for Michael’s birthday. This was taken Easter weekend when I had my family over for Easter/Birthday dinner. As you can see he is a die hard Canadian (habs) fan and it was great to see my favorite bakery had this in their collection. the Kings 4 was for his team and number. I was happy they could put that on the cake.

This is the second cake. We bought this for his kid party last weekend. I was pleasantly surprised to find this in the grocery store because honestly when ever Michael picks a theme I usually end up running around trying to find the cake, decorations etc.

Happy Birthday Michael.

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