Q&A with Author M.J Rose and Scavenger Hunt Clue

Today I am honored to have M.J Rose stop by for an interview. Thanks to Meryl Moss Media for asking me to be a part of the book blog tour for her newest book The Book Of Lost Fragrances. So please help me in welcoming M.J Rose.

1. Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Write because you love writing, not because you want to get rich or famous. It’s a big lottery so focusing on the winning ticket means you’ll lose the magical journey that writing can be.

2.What draws you to the suspense genre?

It’s what I like to read.

3.What is your favorite part of the writing process?

Rewriting. I love doing drafts and fine-tuning.

4.Which author inspires you the most?

Everyone who doesn’t give up.

5.As a pioneer of the e-book industry, what do you think about the explosion in popularity of Kindles, Nooks, etc.

It’s exciting that readers have so many choices of ways to read – it doesn’t matter to many writers how readers read us, as long as they read us.

About the author:
M.J. Rose is the international bestselling author of eleven novels: Lip Service, In Fidelity, Flesh Tones, Sheet Music, Lying In Bed, The Halo Effect, The Delilah Complex, The Venus Fix, The Reincarnationist, The Memorist, and The Hypnotist. The Book of Lost Fragrances will be published in March 2012. Rose is also the co-author with Angela Adair Hoy of How To Publish And Promote Online, and with Doug Clegg on Buzz Your Book.

Rose is a founding member and board member of International Thriller Writers and the founder of the first marketing company for authors: AuthorBuzz.com. As well as the co-founder of Peroozal.com and the popular website BookTrib.com.

Rose has been profiled in Time magazine, Forbes, The New York Times, Business 2.0, Working Woman, Newsweek and New York Magazine. Rose has appeared on “The Today Show,” Fox News, “The Jim Lehrer News Hour” and features on her have appeared in dozens of magazines and newspapers in the U.S. and abroad, including USA Today, Stern, L’Official, Poets and Writers and Publishers Weekly.

M.J. Rose lives in Connecticut with Doug Scofield, a composer, and their very spoiled dog, Winka. To learn more about M.J. Rose and her work, visit her website at: www.mjrose.com.

As part of the blog tour I am also taking part in the scavenger hunt.

Now the twenty-nine-year-old Napoléon would have the privilege of being the first man to see what had lain lost and forgotten for millennia. It was no secret that he entertained dreams of conquering Egypt. But his grand ambitions went beyond military conquests. Under his aegis, Egypt’s history was being explored, studied and mapped.

At the bottom of the ladder, L’Etoile joined the assembled party in a dimly lit vestibule. He sniffed and identified limestone and plaster dust, stale air and the workers’ body odor, and a hint of another scent almost too faint to take in.

Four pink granite columns, their bases buried under piles of dirt and debris, held up a ceiling painted with a rich lapis lazuli and a silver astronomical star chart.


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