Topbox February Edition

Recently I finally got my very first Topbox after being on the waiting list since November. To my surprise I discovered that I was going to get a second box because someone had used my referral link. If you are interested in Topbox please leave your email address and I can send you a invite.

Topbox is a monthly beauty subscription service that you can subscribe to for $10/month (+tax) and currently its only available to Canadians. You will receive 4 carefully selected, indulgent, deluxe beauty products.

I have been checking out the vlogs on Youtube to see what everyone has been getting and I have to say that I had high hopes for the box because it seemed like everyone was getting great stuff. Would they be able to live up to all this hype?

When I got my email notification I was stalking the Canada Post website to keep my eye on the tracking. Sadly, Canada Post really sucks at updating the site so the site can show something sitting in a location for days.

It was funny the day I got them I had actually got the first one just a little before I had to pick up Michael from the bus stop and then the other came while I was making supper. I had initially done vlogs of the unboxing up after seeing them I deleted them because I honestly wasn’t feeling well and you could hear it. So pictures will have to do this month.

So this is how the box arrives. Nothing fancy in regards to the outer packages. Which I have to say I really like because there isn’t alot of waste going into the recycle bin.

Once the brown paper is removed you see this really cute printed tube. Just a FYI the tube isn’t really that big as it looks. That is one thing I noticed when I opened it.

When you open the tube you are greeted by a this purple tissue paper. I’m not sure if that is the color it is always or if its changed up but still not alot of waste happening.

I love this because I am big on recycling and hate when companies use so many things in their packaging . Simple is best.

A peek of the goodies I got. I didn’t see any vlogs or posts before getting mine so when they arrived I was really excited.

It was only when I was taking things out of the tube that my excitement dwindled down.

What did I get you ask?

In the background you will see the Topbox card and its just a plain and simple card that tells you about the products you got along with the value  of the product if you want to buy it.

I am going to start from left to right.

The first sample is Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat. As you can see its just like a sample you would find in a magazine and its really a one time use so its really hard to base a decision on if you want to buy it at full price. It retails for $50 so the price of the sample is unknown.

Then right beside that is Pari Beauty Eye shadow and its a shade that is based on my sense of style and eye color. The shade is in a purple and this is something I would wear. I was trying to find out what color it really is but can’t seem to find it. All I can find is a number. So this is actually a full sized product and its 2g from $11.

I was also sent two Lillypilly Kakadu Plum hand & body creme sample sizes. The full size is 150ml for $22 and the sample size is 3ml each for 0.88 cents. For me personally I love having these kinds of hand cremes in a little bottle or tube because its easier to handle and not having to worry about making sure it stays upright so it doesn’t spill. I really liked the smell of the creme it had a fruity smell. I was able to get three uses out of the little package. It went on really nice and not greasy. My hands felt softer and smoother right away. Not sure I would buy the full size product because I find it a little pricey.

Then in the white lid there is Shum Uemura Art of Hair Full Shimmer Illuminating Shampoo. I loved the scent of the shampoo and its something I would use. The full size is 300ml for $45 and I received a sample of 75ml for $11.25 This is a really good sample size and I have used it and really liked it although I wish they would have sent a conditioner sample to go with it because I always use conditioner. As nice as it was this won’t be something I will be buying because of the price. I also think that this might have been sitting around for a while because the bottle was dusty.

Finally the last product is Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils. I was excited to get this because I actually needed mascara and was almost ready to go out and buy a tube. Not sure of the shade since its just a number at the bottom but I think its black. So the full size is $36 for 6ml and I received a sample tube of 3ml for $18

The break down of the box:
Yves Saint Laurent Mascara $18
Yves Saint Laurent touche Eclat unknown
Pari Beauty eye shadow $11
Shum Uemura Art of hair $11.25
Lillypilly creme $0.88 (for both the samples)

Total $ 41.13 so the box paid for itself with the samples I got this month. I got some great products that I am trying and want to try.

As you can see from this complimentary box that I got the exact same products that I paid for with the exception of the eye shadow its in a different shade and its in the shade of a light brown/tan and this is a shade that I will be wearing.

I just thought it was a little funny that out of all the topboxes I have seen on youtube and some got different things then me that I would end up with the exact same products.

Anyways the complimentary box was free so I guess I can’t complain. Although it would have been nicer to get different things.

I will be getting the March box so that will determine if I am going to keep this or not.

Please note that I purchased the first box with my own money and the send one was free because someone signed up with my link. I was in no way compensated for this review.

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