Glossybox has come to Canada February Edition

I sometimes wonder if I should be going on YouTube at times. I basically stalk YouTube and more so since I started getting monthly beauty subscriptions. I use to only check YouTube for IMM vlogs and the occasional video and now I am constantly checking YouTube out several times a day.

When I first heard about Glossybox on YouTube it was originally just in the UK and slowly they have expanded to Australia, South Africa, South Korea, India, Hong Kong, Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden. With plans to expand to the US I believe.

Then in December a YouTuber that I follow EssJay1107 mentioned that Glossybox was coming to Canada in February so I quickly went to check them out and I was lucky enough to get in right away because the boxes quickly sold out and I think they still are.

I have been anxiously awaiting for this box and almost stalking my mailman this past week because Glossybox didn’t provide a tracking number and all they said on their facebook page was that they were all shipped.

I tried very hard not to check out other blog posts about it because I didn’t want to spoil the surprise. Thankfully there was no vlogs made before I got my box it was just a few bloggers who had posted links on the facebook page.

Okay before I show you what I got in my very first Glossybox let me tell you a little bit about Glossybox:
– They are a monthly beauty subscription service here in Canada.
– The monthly box is shipped from Toronto.
– It will cost you $15 and that included shipping and taxes.
– You will receive 5 deluxe beauty samples with the chance of getting a 6th product.
– You will be able to order full sized products off the site if you love a product from your box,
– You will also earn Glossydots from answering surveys about the products you received and for referals. Once you reach 1,000 Glossydots you qualify for a free box.

If you are interested in Glossybox’s please feel free to use my referal link CLICK ON THIS. I truly appreciate it.

So now lets get onto my post shall we. Sorry I had originally done a vlog but for some reason when I went to upload it, it was all wonky so I ditched it and pictures will have to do this month.

This is the outside packaging and I love how they used the little design on the box. Plus it was super easy to open because it was a pull tab.

As you can see even the box is pretty inside. I have to admit that this picture doesn’t do it justice. Here is looks almost white but its not white.

Even this picture makes the box look darker. In reality its a very pale pink and the box itself is very sturdy and reusable and pretty enough to display. There is no marking on the box so you don’t have to worry unlike other beauty boxes I get.

This is there emblem. Isn’t it pretty? This is on the top of the box and is basically the only marking on the box.

I know I should I turned this picture around but the picture shows what the box is like inside and under the lids. Isn’t that pretty? I love the design they use.

In previous beauty boxes they will use the personalized sticker to hold the tissue paper but Glossy box uses it on the envelops. I love having the card inside this even though it seems to be a waste but not really because you can reuse the envelop. I love how the sticker looks 3D.

As you can see the inside of the box is printed as well. Very nice. The contents are wrapped in this plain ribbon that is a rose-ish color. Very nice and it goes with the box.

This is what I got in my box. As you can see inside they use crinkle cut black paper to package it all in.

Just from the first look/peek I see a few things that I am super excited to try out.

The products I got:

-Ahava mineral body lotion. I was lucky enough to sample another Ahava product and loved it from a previous box. This would be something I would definitely buy. The full size is 250ml for $28. I got a sample size of 40ml for $4.48

-Elizabeth Grant skin care moisturizing stick. I loved this one as well and it tasted like watermelon and I could feel the difference on my lips using it. The full size is $12 for 5g and I got a sample of 3.5g for $8.40. I would probably buy this and use it in the winter time.

-Wella Brilliance Shampoo for fine to normal colored hair. I haven’t heard of this product before getting this box but I really liked it. The full size is$13.99 for 300ml and my sample was 50ml for $2.33.

-Live in Love by Oscar de la Renta eau de parfum. I have never used anything by Oscar de la Renta before but I thought the bottle was cute and the scent really nice. I only wish the bottle would have been a spritz bottle inside of an open bottle. After putting on the scent I actually like it. Its a nice smell that you can wear on a daily bases. The full size is$62 for 30ml and my sample was 4ml for $8.27

-Another product I have never heard of before getting this box was Prevage Day intensive anti aging moisture cream by Elizabeth Arden. When I opened the package I saw that the cream was a funky yellow/orange and was worried but it blended in very well and I have been using it and I can see a bit of a difference. The full size is 50ml for $160 and I got a sample of 7ml for $22.40. With the price tag this won’t be a product I would buy.

This time we got some bonus products and it was from the brand Beauty So Clean and they sent 4 wipes to sanitize your make up such as lipstick, gloss, pencils etc and a small bottle of the mist and its used for powder based/cream based products. I guess I never really thought that I could be spreading my germs around so this is something I am looking forward to trying and would be great for taking along when you go to make up counter to sample stuff. The full sizes are 48 pack of wipes for $12.50 and 125ml mist for $15.99 and I got 4 wipes for 3.13 and a 8ml mist for $1.02

Inside the black envelope there was:
– 3 labels that you can use to put on your box if you want to. Which are really pretty and blend with the box.
-a brochure from Beauty So Clean talking about their products and about the germs and bacteria on your make up. Along with a discount to buy some more of the products.
-a brochure about Wella professional products.
-The product card and welcome note.

So the total value that I got in this box is $50.03, as you can see this box paid for itself.

I was really excited to actually to get the box and after getting it and sampling the products I absolutely love this box and I am sure this will be one of the ones I will continue to receive every month. I can’t wait to see what the second box contains.

Please Note:
I purchased this Glossybox with my own money and was in no way compensated for it and this is my honest thoughts of it.

copyright 2010, Cindy (Cindy’s Love Of Books)
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