(Guest Post) Tina @ Bookshipper

Today I am more the honored to have  Tina from Bookshipper stopping by for a guest post in honor of my 3rd year blogiversary.

When I put out the call looking for guest bloggers Tina let me know right away that she was in and honestly I wasn’t sure what to expect (not in a bad way) and when I got the email with the guest post I was very curious and honestly as I read it I was laughing (because it just seems like yesterday and the memories came flooding back) and crying but its good crying.

So without further hesitation Tina take it away.

I am very happy to write a guest post for Cindy on the 3rd anniversary of her blog.

While I thought I would focus on the number 3 a little bit, I also thought it might be fun to focus on Cindy and her love of books also.

I believe this was taken in late 2008 early 2009

I met Cindy a little over two years ago.  I am very bad with dates, so I can`t pinpoint the exact time.  I have, however, over the course of these last years spent some quality “book” time with her, including an escapade to New York City and BEA in 2010.

I have been thinking back and I thought I would share my best “3” memories of Cindy and her love of reading and books.

Without a doubt, the first one would have to be in New York, while we were actually visiting the BEA floor.  While I was fluttering from booth to booth, Cindy was patiently (and I do mean patiently) waiting in quite a number of “lines” to meet some of her favorite authors.  For those who have visited BEA, you know how daunting these line can be – but Cindy was incredibly patient and equally determined to get her books signed, while getting the opportunity of meeting some of her favorite authors.
One that sticks out for me is Rick Springfield who was about to release his biography.  Both Cindy and I loved Rick Springfield, but Cindy was the only one brave enough to wait in line.  When she finally did get to meet him, she got his autographs but also got one for me.  This is the kind of person she is – thoughtful and kind 🙂

Meeting Rick Springfield @ BEA 2010

The second “Cindy” experience would have to be at a secondhand bookstore in New York City that we visited (and had really been looking forward to visiting).  This time, quite a few of us, including myself, Avis, Linda, Cindy and Donna went together and quickly spotted the ARC section which
contained about 100 books.  Well, I have to tell you that we all went crazy over these not yet released books and swarmed the place.

 Because I am far more “picky” about my genres, I quickly went through the racks and chose what I wanted.  But the others spent considerable amounts of time playfully jostling each other to get to the “good stuff”.  I remember looking at them and thinking they all looked like little ants – at which point a book, from a higher shelf fell on Cindy’s head!  It was quite funny – being “beaned” by an ARC and it wasn’t even one of her favorite authors.

My final “Cindy” experience is actually more of a personal one for me.  I have always admired the way she has passed on her love of reading to her son Michael. 

Reading on vacation 2011. Pokemon graphic novel.

Recently, Michael came with us when we visited a library book sale and he was the perfect “little reader”.  He sorted through boxes of books like a pro and it was obvious that he was simply in heaven surrounded by all these books.  He was also a trooper and stood quietly behind while the “adults” oohhed and ahhhed like the crazy women they are.

Atwater Booksale 2011 Michael, Lucy and I

At one point, I looked over at Cindy and Michael and I thought how wonderful it is to have your child share your passion for reading and for books.  A beautiful moment.

Brookfield Zoo, IL 2011

Well, I guess that’s it for now.  I wanted to say “congratulations” Cindy.  I know that 3 years has gone by very quickly and that it has not always been easy to keep up with the demands of blogging, but I know that you have loved every minute of it.
Keep up the great work and see you in BEA (for more stories) in 2012!

Tina words can not expression how much it truly meant to read what you wrote. You will always be a kindred spirit (our love of Anne) and a truly amazing friend who has been there through thick and thin. I am truly honored to have met you and to share so many great memories with you. Here’s to many more great memories.

Do you think NYC and BEA could handle us again in  2012?

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