(Guest Post) Christine & Christopher Russell


Today I am honored to have Christopher and Christine Russell stop by to do a guest post in honor of  The Warrior Sheep Go West ‘s release.

I got to ask Christine and Christopher who their favorite character in the Warrior Sheep books were and why?

Oh dear, we’re sorry but this question is impossible to answer. We love all our Warrior Sheep. But it would be fair to say that Christopher has a particular empathy with Oxo. Why? Because, they’re both always hungry and on the look out for food. Christine really can’t choose a favourite sheep but is very fond of Gran. In fact she’s looking forward to being a feisty old lady herself one day.

Thanks so much Christine and Christopher for stopping by, I know you guys are really busy.


I just love the illustrations of the sheep and thanks to Colin Stimpson for coming up with these cute little guys.

I have to say that Links is my absolute favorite. What is yours?

The Quest of the Warrior Sheep

The Warrior Sheep Go West

I just found out that Christine and Christopher are working on a third book that is set to take our lovely sheep heros down under. No release date has been set yet.

Check back later on today for my double review of these books.

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