(Author Interview) Robert Rotenberg

Today I am very honored to have Robert Rotenberg the author of Old City Hall and The Guilty Plea stop by for a little Question and Answer with me.

As I was sitting down to do my questions I quickly went over to Robert Rotenberg site to see what kind of questions I could ask him and loved his answers in his FAQ section.

So without further hestiation please welcome Robert to Cindy’s Love of Books.

Cindy: Being a struggling writer in the beginning how did it feel to finally get published?

Robert: Really impossible to put into words. The other day I walked into the Simon & Schuster office and the new book, The Guilty Plea had just arrived. It’s an overwhelming emotional moment. All the work, all the setbacks, all the people you miss who won’t be able to share it with you.

Cindy: I was reading on your site about this being a long series and that they can be read as standalones, do you have any ideas how long this series will be? Are you working on something now?

Robert: Book Three is due July 1, 2011. Book Four July 1, 2012. My goal is twenty books in twenty years. I mean it.

Cindy: I am so happy to hear that you are planning on having book three out this summer. Just in time for my summer vacation reading. How much of your everyday life as a criminal lawyer is in this book? I loved reading this book because it actually felt like I was a part of the book.

Robert: The number of calls and emails and demands on your time and emotions. The sleepless nights and court nightmares. My great friend Douglas Preston says: “only a criminal lawyer could have written that.”

I am thrilled you felt a part of the book. Boy that is really what I’m hoping for. In the second book, The Guilty Plea, the defense lawyer has to make the most difficult decision of all. Should he call his client to testify. It drove me nuts as I was writing, what should he do?????

Cindy: I think you did a fantastic job with the book and I am sure its soemthing that you struggle with all the time as a lawyer. If you could offer one piece of advice to a struggling writer what would it be and why?

Robert: Set your alarm for 5:00 a.m. Seven days a week. Twelve months a year. For twenty years. Why? This is work.

Cindy: I have to say I agree with you on this. When I was a student and just starting out I worked in a coffee shop and I had to get up at 5am and I agree that was work in itself. As you were writing The Guilty Plea what one thing stood out for you the most in the book and why?

Robert: The quandary of Samantha – the defendant. How to defend a client who is so…complex, challenging, difficult.

Then of course there’s Ari’s various struggles, Kennicott and Jo Summers on and off relationship, DiPaulo dealing with his children growing up, Raglan trying to stay in her marriage. And I’m wondering how Fernandez and his wife did on vacation in Chile, what Nancy Parish has been up to lately, and…well you’ll have to wait for Book Three.

Cindy: Robert I want to thank you for this chance to interview you. I truly appreciate you taking the time out of your very busy schedule to do this. As I know you are a very busy man especially now with all the book tours happening.

Robert: My pleasure. Now back to work.

If you haven’t already picked up Robert’s books you really need to.

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