(Meme) Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Pet Peeves

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This weeks Top Ten is BOOKISH PET PEEVES.

As a book blogger or a book lover you have to admit that there are things that really get under your skin when it comes to books. I had to sit and think for a bit on what mine were because there is alot that bother me. Here is my list:

1) Stickers on books:
I hate stickers on books especially when the book has been marked down and is a bargain book and it seems no matter what those suckers are glued down. No amount of gently pulling brings it off.

2) Marked up books/Damaged covers:
Recently I had this conversation with me friend and she had bought some books and only when getting home did she realize that there was a black marker line on the bottom of the book (on the pages). Realizing then why those were on sale and not the original price like it was in the section. As for damaged covers, when a bookstore will shelf them in hopes people will buy the damaged book.

3) Not having new releases in store:
Big named bookstores (and I mean you Chapters) not having the book in store and none on order and they are new releases. Forcing you to order online. Well since this, I will order online but through another source. Taking my business elsewhere since I have to order online anyways.

4) No where to be found:
Poor inventory is another book pet peeve of mine. When you go to the bookstore and they say they have copies of the books and there is none to be found. You hunt the store looking for a copy.

5) Author events a no go:
The disadvantage to living here sometimes is the fact that not alot of authors come this way. I would have loved it if The Dark Days of Supernatural came to Montreal but they are only going to Toronto. Sure we get author events and were lucky enough to get Scott, Holly and Cassandra but it would be nice to get others.

6) People who damage their books:
Seeing people dog ear their books. I know its their book and they can do what ever they want but just watching them do it makes my blood curl. This is something I have never done even if I am dire need. I always manage to find something to hold my place be it a gum wrapper, a Kleenex, a piece of paper etc. Cracking the spine of books need I say more?

7)People who judge:
It really bothers me when people judge people based on what they read. Does it really matter if we are adults who like reading young adult books? It shouldn’t matter what you read as long as your read.

8) Listing inside the book:
If the author has written other books and just listing them in whatever order inside the book so you have no idea if the book is a series and what comes first. I tend to buy alot of books and sometimes the cover strikes me so I will pick it up and try to find out if its a series or not and its not marked anywhere.

9) Re doing covers:
When they make a movie/tv show they have to redo the covers so not only do you have the original but you have the movie/tv show version as well. Even better is starting the series with one set of covers and switching them such as the Pretty Little Liars.

10) Formatting in a series:
Finally books that are in a series and they start out as paperbacks (trades) and switch to hardcover. This frustrates me to no end and then waiting like forever for it to come out in paperback so that it can match my series.

Bonus one:
Covers and Books:
Why is it that the same book has to have different covers? I have noticed this with alot of books released in Canada is different from the US etc. Why can’t we all have one cover? As for books why is that we all can get the same book? Example not being released in Canada, or the US etc?

This is my pet peeves what are yours?

Next week– Top Ten Authors That Deserve More Recognition

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