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I have been seeing this around for a little while now and figured I would jump on board. What better way to discover new blogs and bloggers.

The host of Follow Friday is ParaJunkee. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet you really should. I love reading her reviews and blogging tips.

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I knew I would mess something up in doing this, LOL I didn’t realize that we were asked a question and to share our answers. Here is mine:

The question this week:
Give 5 book related facts about yourself:

  1. I love bookmarks and whenever I see one that I like I buy it even though I really don’t need it. This is the first thing I look for when I am traveling.
  2. I love getting my books signed and meeting authors.
  3. I am good with passing on my books, unless they are signed or I love the cover/story then I have to keep them.
  4. For some reason I will buy a new release right away instead of waiting because half the time I don’t get to read it and then when I do its in paperback. I could have waited and save some money.
  5. I probably have enough books (in my TBR) to open a small book store. I know I shouldn’t buy them but its like an addiction you can’t help it. With that being said I am currently waiting for 5 books I ordered from Anderson’s from the Dark Days of Supernatural tour that was just there and the Carrie Ryan event. See what I mean?

Does my list compare anything to yours? Let me know so I can check it out.

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