(Review) Jen and the Frosted Friends

Title: Jen and the Frosted Friends
Author:Sparks, Kerry
Pages: 76

Source: Received a copy from the author.

Synopsis (from Powell’s):
Introduction Fifth grade is the best for Jennifer, Rebecca, Pamela and Sammie. Their teacher, Mrs. Fern, is as sweet as pie, the boys are extra cute this year, and, between the girls, the glitter supply is strong. The girls use so much glitter, the principal calls them “The Frosted Friends.” All is well until mean old substitute, Mrs. Frost, comes along. Jen and Becca already had to have Mrs. Frost for fourth grade, and Mrs. Frost is supposed to be retired! Mrs. Frost is back, and she’s as mean as ever. She’s making the girls write sentences and confiscating glitter! Everyone seems to think Mrs. Frost is the pits, except for Jen’s classmate “Frowning Francesca” Clearwater. She’s the only one smiling for once. Will Mrs. Frost pass the girls on to the sixth grade, or are they destined to stay in the fifth grade forever!

This is book two of the Get Frosted Series.

I enjoyed this just as much as I enjoyed the first book. I am sure middle grade girls would love this one just as much as the first one.

Jennifer has passed and is starting grade five with a new group of friends. The girls are Rebecca (who was Jennifer’s friend in the last book), Pamela and Sammie. They are all excited because they have a great teacher, Mrs Fern.

The girls are your typical girls who like pizza, boys, sleep overs and make up. The girls earn the nick name “The Frosted Friends” from the principle because of the amount of glitter the girls use.

Things are going great in school for Jennifer until Mrs Fern announces that she is pregnant. What will happen once Mrs Fern goes on maternity leave?

The day comes and Jennifer is shocked at who the replacement teacher is. Once she sees who it is her world comes crashing down. Its the one person she thought she would never see again, Mrs Frost. The class quickly realizes that the rest of the year is not going to be fun except for one person who is actually smiling and enjoying this. Its Francesca.

Jennifer is determined to find out what Francesca is all of a sudden so happy when the rest of the class is so miserable because it appears as though Mrs Frost has gotten meaner since the last time Jennifer saw her.

Jennifer is dealing with having Mrs Frost around and problems with boys. A dance at the school almost risks Jennifer loosing her best friend, Rebecca because it looks like Jennifer is going after the boy she likes (which of course turns out to be the complete opposite because this boy likes Rebecca) so Jennifer lets her friend know that.

Things at school aren’t getting better and to make matters worse Mrs Frost has announced this is pairing the class up for the science project. Jennifer is happy she gets Sammie but its Pam who isn’t thrilled and it leaves Jennifer wondering what is wrong with Pam. The girls have passed and Pam has worked out her issue. Its around Valentine’s Day that Pam surprises the group with her new found friendship. How will the group react?

There is so much more about the book I would love to share but I am afraid if I go on I will spoil it. So much more happens that will surprise you. I know I was surprised and I had to continue reading it.

These books are a super fun and quick read.

Check back tomorrow for my interview with Kerry Sparks.

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