(Review) Frost Bites

TITLE: Frost Bites
Author: Kerry Sparks
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date:March 2009

Source: I received this book from the author.

SYNOPSIS (from Powells)
Jennifer Logan is excited about entering the fourth grade…until she finds out her teacher is mean old Mrs. Frost! Mrs. Frost is known for making her students write sentences at their Christmas parties and orders them to square dance on Valentine’s Day! Mrs. Frost has her eye on Jennifer. Will she make it to the fifth grade? Find out in this humorous tale about the ups and downs of fourth grade.

One of the best things about blogging is getting to know a new author and/or book that you might not hear about. Since blogging I have been exposed to so many great authors (taking the time out of their busy schedules to email and answer questions) and books. Kerry is one of those authors who has been so generous with her time (via emails and answering interview questions) and sending me both of her middle grade books so that I can review them. Thank you Kerry.

For me I have to say that I didn’t know about Kerry and her two middle grade books Frost Bites and Jen and the Frosted Friends until she emailed me in early December to see if I would be interested in reviewing them.

I read the synopsis of both books and thought they were cute and fun reads so of course I accepted.

Frost Bites was a super quick and fun read. I actually read it pretty quickly. I have to say I think that middle grade girls would enjoy this book.

Jennifer is your typical fourth grade girl. She thinks this is going to be a good year and is feeling really good about it until her first day of school. Jennifer and her best friend Tracey walk into the class to get some good seats but their bubble is quickly popped when the teacher Mrs Frost announces seats are going to be assigned. The class quickly realizes its going to be a rough school year. (I remember my whole elementary school years being in assigned seats.)

Things quickly go down hill for Jennifer as it always seemed like she was the one getting into trouble with the teacher. She almost senses she is in the clear because after Christmas vacation Mrs Frost asks the kids about Christmas and their favorite gift. Jennifer is stunned because she didn’t get presents so she said her favorite part was spending time with her family. Mrs Frost liked the answer.

I felt so bad for Jennifer because it did seem like Mrs Frost was always picking on her. Granted Jennifer was no angel but still. I actually could relate to Jennifer because I had a teacher in elementary school who probably could give Mrs Frost a run for her money. She not only was a teacher but the principal and I have to say not many kids liked her but I found that if you were a student that she knew (I lived three doors down from her) she expected more of you and if you didn’t she would let you know.

Not only is Jennifer having to worry about Mrs Frost, passing fourth grade but she is always worried that she might be loosing her best friend to the class suck up Erica. Jennifer first realizes this budding friendship when Tracey has a sleep over and invites Erica, Rebecca, and Patty.

While Tracey is away on vacation Jennifer connects with Rebecca (even though she is going out with Jennifer’s crush, Billy) but both girls quickly bond over a boy who Jennifer likes and Rebecca is going out with (or she thought).

Will Jennifer and Tracey be able to get over this hurdle or will she loose her friend?

Check back tomorrow for my review of Jen and the Frosted Friends.

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