(Review) Dead Bird Through The Cat Door

Title: Dead Bird Through The Cat Door
Author:Markley, Jan
Publisher:Gumboot Books
Pages: 173

Source: Received this book from the author.

Kids can change the world – even if it is one bird at a time.Dead birds? Stolen cats? Things get personal when Cyd and Jane’s cat, Yin, gets kidnapped. They turn to technology and Shakespeare to help solve the mystery. Written with charm and wit that will appeal to both young and old, Dead Bird Through the Cat Door is a well-crafted mystery story that shares an important environmental message.

This is the second book in the Megabyte Mystery series by Jan Markley. I should point out that you really don’t need to read Dead Frog on The Porch to follow the series.

I really enjoyed this book too. Cyd and Jane are back to solve another mystery that involves dead birds and stolen cats. Along with a new mystery is a few new characters such as Aviary Finch, Souris Vole, Kitty Katze, and Cygnet Finch (Aviary’s wife). Todd from the previous book returns in this one.

I love how Cyd and Jane are able to put the mystery in order. From decoding the characters names that fit into the story line such as birds, cats and a mouse to gradually putting all the clues together to solve the case. Kuddos to Jan for doing that.

The book opens up with Yin, Jane’s cat coming through the cat door with a dead baby robin clutched in her teeth. Of course Jane being the animal lover gets upset. After the bird is buried they girls decide to head to the Wildwood Bird Sanctuary for a bike ride.

Once at the bird sanctuary the mystery begins. They spot Aviary running through the woods following what looks like a lynx, a butterfly net and the comments of one down and only about another three thousand to go. Wondering what he is up to the girls realize that this is there next mystery. What is Aviary up to?

In order to get closer to the case they girls decide that they should volunteer at the bird sanctuary. This is where they run into Todd again. I have to say I was curious as to how this would play out. Will Todd actually be a good guy or was there more to Todd then the girls knew?

On top of volunteering at the bird sanctuary, the girls mother would love if it the girls would visit a neighbor (Kitty Katze) who recently went into a old folks home and was forced to give up her beloved cat, Contessa Cuddles. The girls mother thinks it would be good if Jane brought Yin to visit her. Kitty is upset that her cat was brought to an animal shelter and Jane promises to get the cat back for her.

With quick thinking Jane manages to discover that Fitch has adopted the cat but wonders why? The convince Cygnet to take part in the cat show but once there alot more happens such as cats going missing since as Yin. The girls are still baffled and are quickly trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together before its too late.

Will the girls be able to solve the mystery before all the birds end up dead?

Another aspect I loved was how Jan Incorporated Macbeth into the book and how it was fitted into the storyline. I have to say I am not a fan of Macbeth and read it when I was in high school. So I have to say I was lost in trying to figure out how it fitted into the storyline but thankfully I had Cyn and Jane to figure it out.

This is my favorite quote in the book:

Sure, I love animals, but I loved books more; they don’t drool on you, and you don’t have to throw them a tennis ball a hundred times a minute.

I thought I would share the trailer for the book.

The next book in the series is called Dead Bee in the Sarcophagus. Due to be released in the fall of 2011.

This is another book that I would highly recommend for middle grade girls who like Nancy Drew or if you think they will like Nancy Drew.

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