(Bloggiesta) #2 Mini Challenge

One of my goals for this past weekend was to learn how to use Google Documents and to be able to incorporate that form into a blog post especially when I am running a contest. Alot of bloggers swear that this is the absolute best thing out there and use this when they are running contest.

The main reason I love entering contest from bloggers who use the form is simple: 1) I don’t get hit with a ton of spam because the only person who sees your email address is that blogger and 2) I am able to leave my mailing address in that form and not have to worry about a lost email and losing my chance at the giveaway.

Thanks to Jen at Devourer of Books for hosting this mini challenge. She explained this in easy to do steps and I have to say that I am not technically inclined but her step by step was easy to do and I have the proof check out my google document:

What do you think?

I have to say I spent the past hour playing with the themes and I am really looking forward to being able to add this feature to my blog very soon.

Thanks Jen for sharing this how to.

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