(Bloggiesta) #1 Mini Challenge

The first mini Challenge that I am taking part in is being hosted by Amy fromMy Friend Amy. Her mini Challenge is about Setting Goals.

Amy posted this:

Here are some things to consider when making blogging goals.

-Think about you blog as a whole. Do you feel that your blog reflects who you are as a person? Do you have a mission statement or purpose for your blog, and if so, are you meeting it?
-What isn’t working? Are there design elements or technical problems you’d like to change or fix?
-What do you love about your blog? What do you think you’re doing right?
-What do you wish you could do with your blog?
-What are your favorite blogs to read? (not your favorite bloggers as people!) Why do you love them? Can you figure out what they have in common?

After reading this it got me thinking about my blog.

In my personal opinion I feel as though my blog reflects who I am. It reflects what I read and feel.

When I started blogging my purpose was to share my love of books, to perhaps expose the reader to an author or book they might normally not pick up and to share my thoughts about books and anything book related.

I feel as though I am meeting that purpose, am I?

I love the look of my blog but I feel like I need a change to refresh the blog. To give it a over haul. So I think this weekend I will be looking into a new blog look. I have a few ideas that I am hoping to put together.

With a new look I am hoping to learn more about html etc all that technical stuff I should know to make my blog better. That will mean a trip to my library to get some books on that and reaching out to ask bloggers if I need to know something.

Personally what I find is not working is sitting and writing up reviews. I need to work on some kind of template so that I am able to fill in info and links. (to the book publisher, online store, affiliate links)

What I love about my blog is my header. It took me awhile to find it and when I spotted it I loved it so that I plan on putting into the new look. I love the three column look.

My wish for my blog is to get it out there more and I know that I really need to get more active in that. In other words I really need to pimp the blog more then what I have been.

I won’t list my favorite blogs because I always feel as though the ones who don’t make the list aren’t worthy when they are. One thing that makes blogs onto my favorite lists are the content and with content I mean reviews constantly and with relevant info. I tend to get turned off by blogs like that.

So with all the reflection I guess I have to say I have a few goals that I am hoping to achieve this year as a whole.

My over all goal in 2011 is learn more about blogger and anything that goes along with having a blog ie HTML etc.

By Sunday night to tackle at least half of my goals that are listed here.

By March/April to have a whole new look and along with the new look having business cards and bookmarks made.

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