Author(s) Meet Up and Books Bought

If you remember my post from yesterday saying that there was going to be an author event happening near me and that I was pretty sure I was going to go, well I did make it to the 2pm reading and signing.

Quite a few people turned up and I think there was more adults(6-7)then kids(3)who came to listen to Sheree read from her book Mabel Murple. I believe it originally came out in 1995. Then when Sheree was informed that the then publisher of the books would no longer be printing children books she got the rights back to her books and went shopping around for a new publisher. Thankfully Nimbus Publishing from the East Coast (Halifax) picked her up.

Mabel Murple got a new make over from the original book and I have to say that I really love this new version of the book so much better. The illustrations are perfect and suit the book to a tee. Of course I have to say that the man behind the illustrations is Sydney Smith (no relation to me) and he is a fellow East Coaster still living in Halifax.

Listening to Sheree read her book was so much fun she did it like a sing song way. The story was very catchy. I think this will be a new found favorite in our house. I know I have read it several times since I have been home.

(I found this video on Youtube and I thought I would share it with you.)Aren’t the illustrations awesome?

After the reading she signed everyone’s books. I picked up Mabel Murple and Sleeping Dragons All Around and got them signed to Michael. Michael wasn’t able to come with me because he was about two streets over at his curling lesson.

I want to thank Sheree for coming to Babar to do a reading and signing. I truly loved discovering a new author especially one from my original neck of the woods. I just wish I could have been there for here teen reading of Pluto’s Ghost at 3pm.

Thanks Sheree for graciously posing for this photo with me.

I am really looking forward to reading The Gravesavers and Pluto’s Ghost. I am currently reading them right now (yes both at the same time) and hopefully will have both of those reviews up this week. Also check back this week for my reviews of the two children books.

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