Today is the day!

Today is the day that Cindy’s Love of Books turns 2.

I have to start off by sending out a huge huge THANK YOU to all the reps/publishing houses that I was fortunate to get books from. I have enjoyed reading the books and working with you and I am looking forward to another exciting year of great books.

This past year was a really fun and exciting year. I got to meet another local book blogger IRL Linda, the Montreal group went to NYC/BEA in May, while in NYC/BEA I also got to meet quite a few of the bloggers I have spoken with online or commented on their blog (you know who you are), I also got to meet a few of the reps that I work with as well, I got to meet some great authors and another higlight was getting a tour of Sourcebooks when I was in Chicago. Thanks again Paul.

Thank you to you my readers who read my blog. I love hearing from you all either by comments or emails. It makes my day when I see that I have new comments or emails.

Thanks again everyone.

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