Hmm rather annoyed

Tonight as part of my usually evening routine I was on twitter. As I was reading all the tweets I noticed a tweet by Jennifer @TequilaReader. If you click on @TequilaReader you will go directly to her blog. She had mentioned A Books Blog had taken her blog content and others that she knew as well and basically copied and pasted it on there site. All without authorization!!

I was curious so I went to check it out and guess what? Yes, that is right content from Cindy’s Love of Books appears on this site. Now should I be flattered that my blog is worthy of stealing from or should I be annoyed that it was taken without my permission?

Okay I have to confess I am a little flattered that someone would steal my content because I never felt that my content was that great and I base this on a few things such as my numbers, followers, comments etc so of course it feels a little good.

Now the more I think about it I am annoyed because like I said my content was taken without my permission and sadly since it has been taken I haven’t had any benefits from it such as more comments, followers etc. So yea darn it I am annoyed.

I will be contacting this blog and telling them to please remove my content.

If you have a few minutes I would seriously check this blog out to see if any of your content is there. I didn’t go through the almost 600 pages instead I used the search tool on the site and entered my blog name and it all popped up.

What would you do if you found your stuff on this blog? Has it happened to you?

copyright 2010, Cindy (Cindy’s Love Of Books)
If you are reading this on a blog or website other than Cindy’s Love Of Books or via a feedreader, this content has been stolen and used without permission.

15 thoughts on “Hmm rather annoyed

  1. Elie says:

    Thanks for pointing this out. If you put your name in the search box, it should pop your name up since they are citing the source of the info. They really used a lot of your posts.

  2. bermudaonion says:

    I think they have the right to use some of your content as long as they credit you as the source. I know there’s a limit to how much they can use, but I’m not sure what it is. They should remove it when asked, though.

  3. Sandra says:

    I saw this the other day and didn’t know what to think. Except for a place to have an Amazon ad I can’t see why someone would bother to use only posts by other people. What’s funny about the whole thing is that most of us, I suspect, would let them use our posts-if they only asked first. That might be flattering. As it is, it’s just sneaky and therefore dishonest. I’ll be watching to see what others think.

  4. The Bumbles says:

    I find it funny that this very post stating how annoyed you are at that blog is featured on the front page feed display of that blog!

    Perhaps funny is not the right word. I have seen this happen on many sites – they just pull content from various blogs and display it in one spot. They are providing attribution to you at least rather than stealing it and slapping their name on it.

    I’m not sure what the purpose of all of these types of site is exactly when they never seem to have followers. At least this one provides a way to contact them – most of them don’t.

    Go get ’em Cindy!

  5. avisannschild says:

    Wow, Cindy, that really sucks! I checked out the site and they don’t seem to be copying my blog, but I noticed quite a few familiar names on there. They’ve even copied this post of yours! Hopefully if you and other bloggers get in touch with them, they will stop! All their content is plagiarized as far as I could tell.

  6. Wrighty says:

    That is so unreal!! I followed the link and when I typed in your blog name there, this same post was the first one that came up! Along with many others. Wow. I didn’t have any links to my blog but I bet many people do. I would be happy to pass on this information.

    And you absolutely should be flattered! You have great content although I don’t get to visit often enough. It’s wonderful that someone else thinks so. It sucks that it was done without your permission. I would complain too!

  7. Jules says:

    I can see your frustration, but looking at the site, I think the person (or persons) have created a database of material from book bloggers all over the net. They give credit to the individual bloggers etc. Because as I was skimming I saw a lot of familiar bloggers, but all of there names and a link was provided for each post.

    Still, they should tell the owner what they’re doing, an get permission to use them on the database, instead of assuming so.

  8. Cindy says:

    Thanks everyone for commenting.

    I think what bothers me the most is that its posted without my permission. Like Sandra said I would be 100% okay with it had I actually been asked first.

    There is nothing I can really do since they have credited me and not just taken the content and passing it off as there own.

  9. avisannschild says:

    So I guess technically they are not plagiarizing (since they are attributing the content to you), but I still think you could ask them to stop if you wanted to. It’s one thing for a site to show snippets from other sites and then direct traffic to the original site, but it’s pretty uncool for them to just copy and paste your stuff on their site without asking!

  10. ~Jennifer~ says:

    You can email them and tell them to take it down. I did and they complied within an hour. A lot of other bloggers have had this same issue with them. It makes no sense as to why they are doing it and it’s extremely rude but they do seem to listen when you ask them to knock it off.

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