Alison Dare Adventures In town

Recently we had the pleasure having Alison Dare to our house. We thought that this would be a pretty uneventful visit but we were quickly mistaken. Apparently Alison seems to attract adventure where ever she goes.

On this one particular morning I had left to take Michael to the bus stop. Alison was in the shower. While in the shower she heard the door bell, thinking I had forgotten my key she quickly rushed to the door to discover that it wasn’t be but someone running away.

When She looked around she noticed this red envelope in the mailbox. Alison quickly jumped up to retrieve it.

What could this envelope be? It was addressed to Alison.

We quickly opened the envelope to reveal a treasure map. She was to look for the flat blue diamond that was hidden in my area. She had to retrieve it before the “Odd Lookers” did.

Can Alison do it in time? The Odd Lookers are pretty close.

I have to thank Michael for coming up with this storyline. I figured he was old enough and creative enough to pull this off. What do you think?
Alison is packed and off to her next adventure.

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