Dewey’s Read-a-Thon

I have been sitting on this idea for a little while now and wondering if I should take part? For me it always seems that the 24 hour read a thon always falls on a Saturday that I am super busy so is the case again this time.

Saturday this year falls once again on the weekend that I have to take care of my mother plus in the afternoon I am going to an author event at my local Chapters bookstore. Catherine McKenzie is going to be there signing her book Spin.

I was on twitter this week and there was talk about the read a thon. I mentioned that I might take part but not sure, well before I knew it Kate from Midnight Book Girl bookmailed me. (blackmailed)and I am not one to be bookmailed or blackmailed so I gave in to the pressure and signed up.

The only thing that I plan on doing differently is making up the time I have to take out of my Saturday to go to the book signing and my mothers and add it on to Sunday. I am suppose to start at 8am Saturday and finish at 8am Sunday. I hope that is okay with the organizers.

Also the books I will be reading in that time frame is books that I have on my TBR pile which consist of books I either bought, was given to me or ARC’s. I don’t have a set list yet but will post them in my beginning read a thon post on Saturday. I am sure my list will be alot but I am really hoping that I can at least read 5 books.

Those reviews will only appear on my blog in May as I am trying to make sure to have content for BEA/NYC week and this is the reason I am doing the read a thon.

I didn’t see anything in FAQ about any of this so I am presuming it will be okay.

Wish me luck I know I probably won’t last but I figured if I can at least get 5 books off my shelf its better then nothing.

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