Honest Scrap Award

During my daily blog reading, I noticed that Diana from Stop, Drop and Read was awarded this blog and she said that anyone who was reading it could take this award so I decided to snag it.

I was first introduced to Diana’s blog Stop, Drop and Read when I discovered that she was my Secret Santa in the Christmas Exchange. I have been reading her blog ever since then.

The rules of this award are to: 1) List 10 honest things about yourself and 2) Pass it on to 10 other honest bloggers.

Here is a list of 10 honest things about me:

  1. I am a compulsive book buyer. I can’t walk into a bookstore without buying something.
  2. I love getting packages in the mail and feel a little sad when nothing comes.
  3. I love going to author events.
  4. It really bothers me when someone just stops talking to me. This has happened in the past and I have decided that I will give up trying to figure out what happened instead of racking my brain out.
  5. I don’t comment on blogs like I should and I feel bad.
  6. I love to sit down with friends over coffee and just talk.
  7. I love to go shopping.
  8. I hate trying on clothes and wish things would fit. (Like those jeans in the Sisterhood of the Traveling pants books)
  9. I have way too many books in my house.
  10. I love taking pictures

As for passing this award on I will be like Diana if you want to take part just do it.

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