Q&A with Catherine McKenzie

I am very honored to have the author of Spin, Catherine McKenzie stop by to do a Q&A with me. Thank you so much Catherine for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to do this with me.

I have to tell you right away it was truly an honor to get to work with Catherine. She is a super sweet lady. Also thank you to Diane the online publicist for allowing me to me a part of this tour.

I unfortunetly was unable to attend Catherine’s book signing in early January because I was sick but hoping that very soon I will get the chance to get my book signed and to meet her in person.

Without further adew I hope you will enjoy this interview.

CINDY: I was disappointed when I couldn’t get to meet you earlier in January,
but was curious if you have any other signings happening? What has the
reaction been to Spin?

CATHERINE: I’m sorry you couldn’t make it, too. It was a great night. Can’t remember the last time I smiled that much that night. I don’t have any other signings planned just yet, but am working on it. As for the reaction to SPIN, it’s mostly been great! I feel really, really lucky.

CINDY: You will have to let me know if something comes up with another signing. I have to ask you do you have another book in the works?

CATHERINE: I do. My next book, ARRANGED, is coming out next January. I’m currently revisions for that book. And I also have a early draft of another novel which I hope I’ll be lucky enough to publish.

CINDY: Can’t wait to read it as I did enjoy reading Spin. What inspired you to write Spin?

CATHERINE: A couple of years ago there were a bunch of celebrities going in and out of rehab and the paparazzi were going wild. I remember seeing them waiting outside, cameras at the ready. At some point I wondered, why hasn’t someone ever followed a celebrity into rehab? My next thought was, I should write a book about that. And so I did.

CINDY: That is a really good point. I wonder why no one has ever thought of that, perhaps they have and no one has succeed in getting in. You might have just started something.

Readers in case you didn’t know it, Catherine is a local writer here in Montreal. (I have to admit I only found that out when I signed up to review the book.) What’s the best/worst thing about living in Montreal?

CATHERINE: The weather. Seriously, it’s both the best and worst thing. I love the changing seasons, but it can also be bitterly cold and crazy hot and humid in the summer. A friend of mine lived in San Diego – mild and sunny every day. Sometimes that seems appealing.

CINDY: I have to let you know that the day Catherine sent me her answers it was -18 and not sure what it was with the windchill that day but it was cold. It does get bitterly cold here and our summers are extremely hot and humid.


Catherine McKenzie was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, where she now works as a litigator. When not serving on many professional associations, she sits on the board of the Montreal Children’s Library and Bishop’s College School, and teaches part-time at McGill University’s faculty of law.

You can check out Catherine online here: http://catherinemckenzie.com/

Thanks again Catherine for doing this Q&A with me I truly appreciate it.

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