Beautiful Blogger Award

I recently saw this on My Random Acts of Reading’s blog and she was passing this on to everyone and I am going to do the same so if you want please feel free to take part.

I am supposed to tell you 7 things about me. Here goes:

  1. I love to read and discover new authors. Blogging has given me the chance to read books I probably wouldn’t have read on my own.
  2. I have probably 1000 books in my house.
  3. I have instilled a love of books and reading to my son.
  4. I love going to bookstores (all kinds) and browsing looking for that hidden gem.
  5. I am so excited to be going to one of the best book conventions in the world…BEA.
  6. I have a bad habit of not reviewing as soon as I finish a book.
  7. I usually stick within the genres I read. IE fiction, YA, cookbooks, mysteries. I tend not to read much romance, non fiction etc.

Please let me know if you are taking part I would love to read your lists.

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