The Choice Review

TITLE: The Choice
AUTHOR: Suzanne Woods Fisher
PUB DATE: January 10, 2010
PAGES: 320


Lancaster County has always been her home–but where does her heart belong?

One moment Carrie Weaver was looking forward to running away with Lancaster Barnstormers pitcher Solomon Riehl–plans that included leaving the Amish community where they grew up. The next moment she was staring into a future as broken as her heart. Now, Carrie is faced with a choice. But will this opportunity be all she hoped? Or will this decision, this moment in time, change her life forever?

A tender story of love, forgiveness, and looking below the surface, The Choice uncovers the sweet simplicity of the Amish world–and shows that it’s never too late to find your way back to God.


This is the first in a three book series. The second book called The Waiting is set to be released in October and the third one is coming spring of 2011. No name is yet given for this book. I am really excited to read the other books in this series.

Suzanne is the author of several books but this is the first time I have heard of her. Looking forward to discovering this author.

I love reading stories about the Amish. I have always found the Amish to be very interesting. They live an interesting life and as much as I would love to be in that kind of environment I know I could never survive it I love my modern technology too much.

The book opens up with Carrie and her stepsister Emma working at the family stand at Lancaster’s Central Market. Carrie is anxious to take her little brother to the baseball game to see her true love Sol pitch. Sol is from her Amish community and is getting ready to leave it all behind to pursue his baseball career.

Sol wants Carrie to leave with him. On the day they are set to leave her father suddenly dies making Carrie rethink her plan to leave because she doesn’t want to leave her little brother behind.

While Sol is away Carrie tries to keep up on his career by reading the papers. (Which is forbidden.) When she thinks that Sol has moved on it upsets Carrie. So she does something she thinks she would never do, she marries Daniel. Daniel is the son of her father’s friend. They both begin their marriage with hearts belonging to someone else.

Before long Carrie’s world is turned upside down and she wonders why bad things keep happening to her. She suffers heart break and wonders if she will be able to love again and she ends up finding love in a unexpected source.

I loved the book. I found it to be a page turner and I had a hard time to put the book down. If your looking for a good book to read then you should pick this up. you can’t help but root for Carrie and want her to be happy. No matter how much happens you can see that the Amish are forgiving and loving people.

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