Taking a break

I just wanted to inform everyone who reads my blog that I am going to be offline for a little while. Its a forced sick break.

Shortly before Christmas I got sick and the dr thought it was bronchitis and gave me a prescription for a pump. Which honestly was starting to work and was feeling a little better before Christmas. Things were going good until the 29th-30th and then I was hit with a whooper of a cough and other systems.

I guess with the busyness of the holiday season made me relapse so anyway now its confirmed I have bronchitis and possibly the beginning of pneumonia. I am on a high does of antibiotics with my pump and was ordered to rest as much as I can. I go back in a week to the dr.

So bascially the only content that will be appearing on my blog is First Wild Card Tours that I am taking part in and all those reviews will be appearing when I am feeling better to write them.

Thanks everyone.

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