Library Thing Secret Santa

This was the first year that I participated in LibraryThings Secret Santa gift exchange. I missed it last year so this year I was excited to take part in it.

This was a super easy Secret Santa because you got assigned a person and you got to pick out $25 dollars worth of books for the person. If you were lucky enough the person had a wish list posted. I have to stay I was extremely lucky with my pick and I was extremely with the person who picked for me. I have a wish listed posted on LibraryThing.

The added bonus was that no addresses were exchanged between the people. The staff at LibraryThings ordered your choices and the vendors shipped the books.

I received my books before Christmas and I have to apologize for only posting this now. The person who bought for me was mom-of-two and she got me:

Just Another Girl by Melody Carlson and Ash by Miranda Lo. Both are books that I have been anxious to read.

Thank you mom-of-two for the books. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

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