Christmas Time

Its hard to believe that Christmas is exactly in 10 days. Where did the time go?

This was the first time I didn’t go out with the boys to get the Christmas tree. I wasn’t feeling very good on the weekend so I decided to stay in and to rest. My only request when they left was please NO Charlie Brown tree.

When they came back I was pleasantly surprised at what they picked out. This is by far the best tree that we have ever gotten to date. Michael picked out this tree.

Of course something always happens, nothing can ever run smoothly and so was the case for us. We bought two sets of net lights for the tree a few years ago. Everything was fine last year when we put them away. Then when we put the lights on the tree we had half the lights burned out on one set of the net lights. We quickly ran to a few stores to see about getting a new set and would you believe every store we went too there was nothing left? Thankfully I managed to dig into a few of our xmas bins and found some lights so now they are working.

The tree is now done and the shopping is complete and we all know that wouldn’t be easy because a certain someone made a list in September and things were bought off that list because they were popular items. Here he is doing the official letter.

Last weekend there was a family Christmas party (work) and we went and they always go all out for it. They rent out a local hockey arena (both rinks) and they have all these air bouncing things, face painting, games, popcorn and cotton candy. On the other side is a huge carasel, mini train rides, balloon artists, entertainment and Santa’s castle.

Inside the castle you get to meet and talk with Santa Claus and Mrs Claus.

This year was fun with Michael as he was super excited to talk with Santa and to give him his Christmas list. The only thing that Michael asked about was why couldn’t he sit on Santa’s lap as he did that last year and we had to tell him that there was a sign saying it wouldn’t be allowed due to the H1N1.

Mrs Claus was so funny because if there was things kids weren’t sure about she handed them a bunch of photo copies of a flyer with toys on it.

Happy Holidays from my family to yours.

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