Unplanned Outing Today

Today I had an unplanned outing with Donna. When I say unplanned I mean unplanned. I only saw this yesterday in our local paper. I mentioned it to Donna at lunch yesterday about Geronimo Stilton coming to Babar bookstore in the Pointe Claire Village and that I was thinking of going and bringing Michael.

It was only when we were at La Book-tique and found book 1 Lost Treasure of The Emerald Eye (in perfect condition) that I think we said okay sure lets meet up and go.

Yesterday after school I asked Michael if he would like to go and he was super excited and wanted to go. We started to read the book and he was enjoying it. Then this morning Michael decided that he didn’t want to go because his cousin is in this weekend visiting from Chicago and he got presented what aparently was a better offer of going bowling. Needless to say Michael went bowling and I went to get his book signed.

I dropped them off at bowling and went to Donna’s store to meet up with her. The store is so cute. They have quite a selection of books and I can honestly say that I walked out without buying anything.

We had no clue who or what was going to be at Babar. Would it be the character or the real writer? This is what we found when we walked into Babar.

This guy (mouse) was a hoot. Donna and I did not stop laughing the whole time we were there. He was very polite and when he would sign the book he would always end with “Ton Ami Geronimo Stilton”. It was so funny and he did this every time he signed a book.

The above is a clip where he says at the end Ton Ami, Geronimo Stilton. Hope it will work.

I got an autograph cheese card, I got two signed books for Michael and I even got a cheese card signed for my nephew.

Sorry Donna I got your hand in the above picture.

This is me with Geronimo Stilton.

Geronimo if you are reading this it was great meeting you today. Really looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series.

Geronimo also told us his sister Thea Stilton has started to write and has a couple of books out.

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