My new……….

As everyone knows that for the past few months I have been asking for three things lately: another bookcase, the chance to go to NY in May for BEA and a netbook. Well I think my lucky three’s have finally come true. I had put it out there and I am happy to say I think it worked. Perhaps I should go and pick up a lotto ticket.

I got my book case from CSN stores to You can see it here. Funny enough when I was at Walmart this past week, I was looking around and saw a bookcase similar to the ones I have in my living room now on sale. I should have seen that one coming. Isn’t it always the way though?

Then at the last local meet up we got to talking about BEA and NY and I figured before any further planning happened I better make sure I could go and I got the official okay. So I will be in NYC in May. Hope to meet some of my fave bloggers while I am there.

Then lastly, Thursday when I was at Walmart I saw a netbook on sale so after supper I managed to convince someone about getting one. So this is going to be basically a early birthday and xmas present we agreed on. Unfortunately when I went to Walmart that night they didn’t any have more left so I ran to Best Buy and managed to find out and thankfully they had some.

So this is my brand new toy.

Its an ASUS EeePC.

Its a cute and compact which will be travelling with me whenever I go away for a few days or while I am in NY in May.

I am still getting use to it and basically still playing around with it. It wasn’t online when I took the picture because I have to get a router as my internet connection at home is a cable modem so anytime I want to use it online I have to unplug the cable from desktop, then reboot modem to plug in netbook. So its a complicated situation so until I get a router I will only being using it when I go to the library or at our next meet up.

The background picture on the netbook is called Autumn and it came with windows XP. I thought it was a great fall picture to use and the picture was taken in my dining room where I was using the netbook at the time.

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