Books Bought # 21

Books Bought is a meme that I am hosting right here on Cindy’s Love of Books.

Books Bought is a meme where you list your books or bookish items bought either in a week or month or whenever.

The only catch to this meme is that they have to be items that you physically have bought either at a indie store, big chain store, yard sale, library sale etc.

If you would like to take part all you have to do is leave a comment here letting me know you have done so and I will go and check out what goodies you bought.

When I got my new bookcase to review I realized that I needed something to put on top to showcase some books so I went to Chapters and found these great A-Z book ends. They are kinda heavy and covered in a fake leather. Which I think look really good.

The second item I bought was Forever by Judy Blume and I bought this because of a twitter conversation I was having with Rebecca about the book and about Judy Blume. I think in January 2010 she might be hosting a Judy Blume Challenge although I am not quite sure.

This is what I bought this week, what did you buy?

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