Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom Review

PUB DATE: June 2009

Thanks so much to Jessica at Random House for sending me this great book to read and review.

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How many minutes should you cook green beans?

Is it better to steam them or to boil them?

What are the right proportions for a vinaigrette?

How do you skim off fat?

What is the perfect way to roast a chicken?

Julia Child gave us extensive answers to all these questions–and so many more–in the masterly books she published over the course of her career.

But which one do you turn to for which solutions?

Over the years Julia also developed some new approaches to old problems, using time-saving equipment and more readily available products. So where do you locate the latest findings?All the answers are close to hand in this indispensable little volume: the delicious, comforting, essential compendium of Julia’s kitchen wisdom–a book you can’t do without.


Not only is this little book filled with great recipes but it also has great tips and techinques. It also has what kitchen equipement you should have and some handy definitions. Plus a few great photos of Julia herself.

I learned how to saute successfully and I realized a few mistakes I made when I did saute such as I over crowd the pan, how to make the perfect hard boiled egg, and quite a few other things I learned too.

I am a huge fan of making my own salad dressings and it was nice to see a few recipes for that. The only thing is I always end up fixing the recipe so that I make less as if I do the required recipe it ends up going to waste as it doesn’t last long.

Another thing that is great about the book is that all ingredients are easy to find in your local grocery store so you don’t have to run around looking for them in other stores. I love a cookbook like this. If I am required to go to more then one store I tend not to follow through with the recipe. I think all recipes should be easy to handle in preparing and making.

If you are looking for a great gift to give someone then I have to suggest this. Its a great little book. All the above questions will be answered for you in this book.

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