Holly’s Inbox Author Interview and Giveaway

Its not very often that I get the chance to interview an author so when I do get the chance I am all excited and wonder about questions to ask in hopes that I am not going to ask the same questions they have been asked a million times before.

Today the author of Holly’s Inbox, Bill Surie has graciously stopped by to answer a few questions about Holly’s Inbox and much more.

Cindy: At some point we are all curious and would love the chance to be able to read someones inbox. I admit that I would love to read a few people’s inboxes. If you could read one person’s email who would it be and why?

Bill: Kim Jong in North Korea – like most people I’d like to know what he’s playing at.

Cindy: If you are wondering who Kim Jong is, he is North Korea’s leader.

Cindy: You have been touring Holly’s Inbox alot recently are you surprised at the reaction you are getting for it?

Bill: Yes, every day I seem to get some good news. It’s going to be such a come down when it’s over, but at the moment it’s like YAAAAAAAYYYYY YIPEEE everyday.

Cindy: Do you feel there has been a shift in the reviewing process? (Ie newspaper, books etc)

Bill: A massive shift yes, I didn’t realize quite how it’s all changed. I think it’s good, it means as an author you’re actually talking to people who have read your book (more often than not) and who love reading, so passionately they have started a blog. I think SOME people in magazines are doing it just as a job, nothing more, so it’s a little clinical.

Cindy: Do you have any future books in the works? And if so are you able to share with us what it is or about? Is there a possibility there will be a book 2 to Holly?

Bill: I do, there’s a second Holly – can’t really share a lot with you as it will ruin it.

Cindy: I can’t wait. When and Why did you begin writing?

Bill: I began writing when I was about 22. I tried doing stand-up comedy but everyone said I looked like I was just reading a script. I was and it got even worse when I got heckled; I’d lose my place and you could see me staring at this imaginary script in space, almost using my finger to find the line again. I was awful. Really really bad. I tried writing books, but to be completely honest – all the description was beyond me. I lost my flow. The only thing I can do is hear people talking and writing – speech. That’s all and if I have to stop for description I lose it completely. I love writing speech though, I love getting wrapped up their world and my characters seem to be much funnier than I ever could be. I have total confidence in them saying the right thing at the right time.

Cindy: As people are just discovering this book and you, what would a person be surprised to discover about you?

Bill: It was a secret – but I think it’s pretty much out now – that I’m a chap – happily married with a gorgeous 2 year old daughter.

Cindy: Where there any real people you modeled your characters after? (Holly, James, Trish)

Bill: Lez and Trish – are based on a couple of real friends of mine. Although none of the anecdotes about them are real – their characters are, and the way they argue but love each other – that’s all them. Also my Granny – was exactly like that, she was hysterical (she did actually do the dancing thing – exactly as it was in the book – if you know what I mean) and I will miss her hugely.

Cindy: Readers, if you want to know what Bill is talking about you need to read the book to find out. Who was your favorite character to write about?

Bill: Jason – I began to enjoy writing his character so much he made me laugh every time, he’s so upbeat and optimistic.

Cindy: I thought Jason was really fun and he just made the book that much more fun to read. I read that there was talk of Holly’s Inbox being made into a series, is that still going to happen and if so will it only air there or do you think they will bring it world wide?

Bill: I have no idea – it’s at quite a tricky stage but budgets are tight these days everywhere even in TV. I would like to say yes – I HOPE SO – WOW can you imagine!! I’ll come over it does and we’ll all go out and celebrate in a bar somewhere!

Cindy: That sounds good Bill. I am going to hold you to that deal. HAHA! Would you like to say something to my readers?

Bill: Yes, I hope you like it, I hope it makes you laugh because that means the most to me. However I was thinking the other day, remembering writing the sadder parts – a lot of previous heartbreak went into it. Ok, so I hope it makes you laugh and cry – a lot. Yes, and you finish reading it with a big warm smile on your face.

X Holly/Bill

I just want to say Thank You to Bill for taking the time out of his busy schedule to stop by Cindy’s Love of Books. I really appreciate you answering my questions today.

If you haven’t already read Holly’s Inbox the I suggest you pick it up today. You can also check out http://www.hollysinbox.com/ to go with the book.


Thanks to Danielle at Sourcebooks, she is allowing me to give away 1 copy of Holly’s Inbox to one lucky Canadian or US visitor to my blog. The only thing is that you must not have a PO mailing address.

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment with your email address so that I can contact you should you be the winner. This contest will end on June 12th.

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