Happy Victoria Day

Here in Canada its Victoria Day. The only exception is that here in Quebec its called Patriots’ National Day. We are a special province that likes to do things differently as you may have noticed.

National Patriots’ Day (in French: Journée nationale des Patriotes) is a statutory holiday observed annually in the Canadian province of Quebec, on the Monday preceding 25 May. The holiday was instated by the Government of Quebec in 2003, according to the then Premier of Quebec Bernard Landry: “to underline the importance of the struggle of the patriots of 1837 – 1838 for the national recognition of our people, for its political liberty and to obtain a democratic system of government.” Before 2003, the Monday preceding 25 May of each year was the Fête de Dollard, a commemoration initiated in the 1920s to coincide with Victoria Day, which is a federal holiday occurring annually on the same date.

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