Bradley McGogg The Very Fine Frog Review

PUB DATE: March 2009

Thanks to Tundra Books and Sylvia for sending this book to us.

This was another cute book that Michael enjoyed listening too.

The book is about a lazy frog named Bradley who lives in log. This has been the frogs home since he was a polliwog. One hot summer day Bradley looks in the mirror to see he is wasting away. He is hungry. He went to his cupboard but there was no food. He has no idea where the food all went.

He decided that he has new neighbors that he should meet and he decides he will ask them for food. The first person he sees is Miss Mouse. He asks her for food and says he will pay her tomorrow. They go into the house and all she has is cheese with chives and peppercorn and rye crackers. Bradley is disgusted by what he sees and leaves. The next neighbor he meets his Herr Bear and Herr Hare. The offer Bradley carrots in honey. Of course Bradley doesn’t like that either. Bradley spot a cow and was watching her eat the grass. He walked right by without stopping. He goes back home hungry. When he enters his house he is happy there is all kinds of bugs. A frogs favorite food. He feasted on bugs whiling thinking about the strange things the animals ate.

Michael actually thought that the other animals are pretty good stuff and that the frog ate gross things and that he would be disgusted to eat bugs.

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