Books Bought Meme #5

This was the only book bought this week. Its technically a Mother’s Day gift. The reason I got the book is because the last week of May, Lori will be at a local bookstore promoting the book. I only dicovered this author about two – three weeks ago from Donna. She is a local author and this is her 5th young adult book she has written. Check back the last week of May when I will be doing a Lori Weber week. Filled with reviews of all the books, possible pictures and meeting her.

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5 thoughts on “Books Bought Meme #5

  1. Cindy says:

    Myckyee, Its too bad that you won’t be here but hey you are going to BEA. I will have to ask someone to take the pic. I tried to email her but it came back as not good. I took it from her site. AGH!

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